WeePantz Info

All of our nappies are made with lasting in mind. You dont want to be re-buying your nappies because they fall apart or the fabrics start to wear away, so we choose the strongest and longest lasting quality materials we can find to make nappies that will last

We use Bamboo as our absorbent fabric. This fabric has very strong fibres and will last wash after wash after wash! Bamboo is also friendlier to our planet to grow than other absorbent fibers, as it doesnt require any insecticides or harsh chemicals to speed up the process. It is also incredibly absorbent, being 5 times more absorbent than cotton and we sew 4 layers into each nappy which means heavy wetters will be less likely to leak.

Our nappies are all waterproofed using a layer of Polyurethane Laminate a fabric that has been laminated to ensure waterproofing. PUL is also microporous, which means that the air is getting into your bub and its not getting too hot for their precious little bottom.

Our nappies are super soft on the inside! We use an inner layer of microfleece that sits against your baby's bottom and keeps them comfortable and dry. Because this fabric doesnt absorb liquid, it will stay dry unless the nappy is completely soaking wet.

All In One Nappies
Our All In One Nappies are the original WeePantz. These nappies are designed to be super childcare friendly as they go on just like disposable alternatives, meaning that your child care provider will be more likely to agree to use cloth nappies.

Our All In One Nappies have all of the components of a cloth nappy sewn into them meaning that there is nothing to add to the nappy in order to make it work. It goes on as is, comes off as is, and washes as is making them very easy to use and care for.

All In Two Nappies
Due to very popular demand, our All in Two Nappies have been the most recent addition to the WeePantz family and are designed to have the same shape as our All In One Nappies but have the absorbency snap in and out for faster drying time.

You will see that these nappies are very much the same as our AIO's, it is simply the absorbent fabric that is applied differently. Making these nappies also fantastic for childcare, babysitters and other carers.


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