Friday, August 27, 2010

A Button...

I found this button at the market. 

It was a very very windy day, and I looked down, and there it was sitting oh so innocently on the ground in front of my table. I did be a very good girl and went and asked all of the other stall holders if it was theirs.

After noone came to claim it, I decided it was mine... ALL MINE!! mwahahahahaha...

Anyway... I now have this lovely, big button its pretty cool too, but NO IDEA what to do with it!! 


Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creative Space

So today in my creative space, I am doing alot of nappy sewing, new fabric is such a joy and a refreshing time. 

Plus, I am doing this....


through fabric....

sequin on...

bead on...

back through and knot...

cut.... repeat...

Oh the joys of sequining... I've gotta stop feeling bad for not volunteering for sewing duties at school. This one is for the school prep performance and thankfully, there aren't many sequins per outfit, I should get them done today.

To find out who is doing things slightly less monotonous, click here!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wow What an AWESOME giveaway!!

After having a wander around blogland today, I headed into Grosgrain Fabulous and noticed they are having a wonderful giveaway!

Yep! that wonderful little machine is what can be won! And I WANT TO WIN IT!! Ahh alas though no amount of screaming, stomping or holding my breath will help me to win this one! And you can enter too... if you dare go up against me!!

To find out how to enter, Click here!

Can you imagine the things I could do with this thing? super awesome..... 



Pretty cool...

will make ruth look this cute.. and at one with nature...

Now you can see from all these pictures from their website that I really do need to win this...

Now the aim of this post is for me to make you want to enter... but the little selfish part of me has decided that I will only encourage you all to enter on one condition. If you win, you have to give the prize to me.... mwahahahahahahah!!!!!

No seriously, its an awesome prize, so head over and try to get yourself some shilouette machine goodness! I just did!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Decisions Decisions. Some new fabric combos for spring!

Today I thought I would share with you all some of the fabric combinations I have decided on for my new spring colour range of nappies. 

Note... all of these are girly combos. Boyish ones are to come, I always get stumped when it comes to boy things, but rest assured, there are boy things in the works, just no decisions made yet!!

As you can see, they are beautiful, bright and spring-ish. Is that even a word? I think I am adding to the dictionary today :p

Some nappies with these beautiful combinations will be heading off to our new stockist Tippy Toes Kids later in the week for their store opening. 

Which is your favourite combination? and what would you like to see? 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Start of the Season.... enter the competition mama!

Today was miss Ruthie's first ever calisthenics competition. She did VERY well and was so so very excited about the entire day. She has just told me she wants to go do some more calisthenics now, but I think she is completely exhausted!!!

Some photos as promised from the day. I wasnt on the roster for dressing today so I didnt get many, and was banished from the room as every time she saw me, Ruth would cry from all the built up emotion and excitement. But she had a fantastic time in the end and her team got an honourable mention in one item which was great :)

The whole team, that's Ruth over on the far left trying to cover her streaked makeup from crying. 

Ruth in her alien suit. The hands are no longer being used (yes they were very frustrating to make too!) but because she couldn't do the correct actions in them I'm glad that she didn't wear them in the end.

All Ready for her free exercises. (Free Arm). Loves the camera now hey??? I may have shed a tear or two when she got on stage for this, her first, number. It was great to see her on stage and loving it!

Well that's it for this week. I am about to go make dinner and then collapse with a beer or 7..... Back to what I get paid for tomorrow. Nappy sewing!! I have selected some great new fabric combos and cannot wait to make them up :)

What did you get up to this weekend?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Crazy Costumes and other stuff...

Okay so I've made no secret for my new disgust for lycra. I have been making costumes for my daughter's calisthenics. To be honest, most of the costumes were done and I had to simply sequin (insert shudders here) and finish them. 

One I had to make from scratch. It was without doubt a nightmare. Id never sewn with lycra before, much less made a body suit and to be honest, had the costume simply been a body suit, it would have been not so bad. But yes, we have to make things sparkly, and beautiful.

I must say that I have NOT come to an agreement with lycra, I still hate it and hope that I never have to sew it again. (we all know that with a little girl who wants to dance this is in no way a reality). I just hope next time it will be easier.

I can take solace that my darling daughter looks incredibly cute in her little outfit and that is what makes this project worth it for me.

I can also be glad that the judges are a LONG way away and wont be able to see my dodgy stitching in places.

I will be able to post photos of all of the costumes on Monday as her first comp is on Sunday! I am so so excited for her, she is going to have an amazing time, and she tells me that I am going to see "the best dancing you have ever seen mummy" and I am sure I will. And Im sure she will see the proudest mummy in the whole room when she gets up on the stage... I may cry... whoops!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little Ray of Sunshine...

Here at our place we have been dreaming of being warm. (well at least I have!) We are looking forward to the icy weather leaving us and having some beautiful spring weather. I don't know if this year I am being extra sooky about the cold, but I really just can not wait for it to be over. 

We had sleet yesterday... it was raining and I could see fine ice falling onto my back windows. VERY cold for late August!!

Anyway... In an attempt to make myself feel like spring, I have been sewing up some new nappies for the shop. So today's post is about all things YELLOW!! Now as per usual, my nappies all have a 4 x 450gsm bamboo soaker pad sewn in along with a gorgeous soft micro fleece interior to keep bottoms dry. All Images are of Small Nappies. For the sizing chart, click over here. 

Firstly, the much anticipated Yellow Basics. They are just so bright :) As per usual with my basics range they have the plain PUL outer layer and then the usual nappy components as stated above. So it might be a "basic" nappy, but its definitely catching everyone's eye!

Yellow Minkee! I have a bunch of yellow Minkee here too, so I will be adding this as a Spring feature to the website, and sending off some to my new stockists. (which you will hear about tomorrow I think!) There's a hidden layer of PUL on this one to keep that wet stuff (and the messy stuff too) INSIDE the nappy :) Can't you just picture your little girl with this poking out from under her skirt? I simply can not resist a fluffy bottom so so cute!

And just for some boredom busting for myself, I made up 2 small ones of this nappy on Saturday. It is made from scraps so there wont be any more of this nappy in the very close future. So snap it up straight away I say!! 
This nappy is super fluffy with the giraffe Minkee around back/wings section and is beautiful and bright with yellow Minkee for the main colour. Better watch out too, Master Olly has his eye on this one. Its too small for him, but he keeps attempting to steal it from the box, and also kept taking it when I was photographing it. Its the perfect little boy fluffy bottom nappy :)
I am simply in LOVE with yellow at the moment. Can you tell? It is reminding me of warmth, sunshine and beautiful flowers! And my addiction to nappies is evident with the amount of beautiful fluffy stuff that is being produced at the moment. Although, there's nothing wrong with being in love with cloth nappies I reckon, much better for the planet, and so much more comfortable for babies than a plastic one!

I will have these nappies in the shop as of tonight. I am doing a bunch of website revamping today along with finishing off costumes for my darling daughter's very FIRST calisthenics comp so make sure you stay tuned, listings should be up by 8.30 :)

Edit... okay so feral kids and a flat camera battery means they will be up tomorrow. :) 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Creative Space

This week in my space I am doing a lot of appliqué and just general nappy sewing for a focus group sample for one of my potential wholesalers. All sounds very interesting doesn't it? well I HOPE to have more news on this soon.

I also confirmed this afternoon that we will be stocking in a handmade baby shop in NSW as well! very exciting, and I will tell you more as things progress :)

Now for the photos... well there has been a lot of appliqué in my space of late. Apparently my Animal Friends Nappies are VERY popular, which is great, and it means I am getting SOOOO much better at appliqué. I can get through one in a couple of minutes now! AWESOME!

The going around of tight corners is proving to be much easier, and looks neat still! I'm pretty excited about this, as it has always been my #1 struggle with appliqué.

I am also loving my new eye embroidery technique. Something Im sure everyone else was up to speed on, and I finally caught up with the bus. LOL! But it looks so much neater and is sooo soo much easier to do!

Voila! Beautiful Froggy! 

Head over to Kirsty's to see what everyone else is up to this week!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was searching for a picture that shows how absolutely freezing I am this morning. I cant feel my toes! The heater is on, but doesnt seem to be working, maybe I need to crank it some more!

Oh and for the record... no, I am not wearing a bikini... I have sufficient masses of layers on! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Naughty little Blogger!

I am currently the most neglectful blogger in existence. I do have excuses though which I will hopefully be able to shed more light on soon as I have been talking to some stores about stocking WeePantz. And very soon hope to be announcing my first official stockist.

I have also been accepted to start selling at a few new markets :) and that is something I am very excited about, but the last few months of the year are now OFFICIALLY booked out for me. Very busy, but busy is the way I like life. Especially since my PND I learned that if I dont get bored, then I wont give the depression headspace, very important for me, because (as my therapist put it) I tend to make the depression like a cd on repeat and struggle to move on once it is taking charge of my mind. So busy is GREAT!

So as I said, I am forever busy with WeePantz really taking off, so I dont make it into the forums much anymore. In fact at all, which is very sad, but I am still reading the blogs of my beautiful sewing friends when I can. And have met a few new bloggy crafters lately as well :). I hope all of my crafty friends still pop by here every so often as well. :)

A few things Ive been up to...

Well mainly sewing nappies, wetbags and bibs to be honest. I have a focus group sample to finish by friday of 14 nappies, and a market on Sunday so I hope to make at least 30 nappies this week. I am well on the way to completing that goal too. :)

Ive been doing alot of organising for Reusable Nappy Week. Not many of you know that I am the Australian Nappy Network coordinator for Victoria, so its also the business end of the year RNW wise and I am organising static displays and an information session.

I have been baking... yes... that is something I am constantly doing isnt it? Yesterday I made eclairs... DELISH!! Im not an eclair person, but I filled them with yummy custard cream and I think the fact that they were nice and fresh and crisp made them just delicious!

I tried a few recipes for this, but I found that winging it in the end and using my own judgement worked the best. I watched a video on making choux pastry, and noted their consistency prior to baking, so made the butter, water flour mix, allowed it to cool and then added one egg at a time until I reached the right consistency. I think the recipe called for 2 eggs and I used 1 and a bit, Im not sure if perhaps my eggs are just bigger than theirs...

I have been sequinning as well. Ruth's callisthenics competitions are about to start, so its the home run now with costumes with the first comp in 2 weeks.

I'll show you all finished photos when I have them. I may have to wait until after comps, as she is not really meant to be wearing them until then aside from fittings. But the costumes have definitely been an educational journey with sewing on my first sequins. The red outfit pictured above took me quite a long time to finish. I also sewed lycra for the first time. LOTS of googling before even putting pattern to fabric there as I was so afraid!

Amongst that, I have finished my winter coat, which I started a long time ago. It worked out so well and I will update the blog with pics soon I hope! 

I also completed (well my version of complete) the coffee date dress. I had to add so much to the pattern due to my height and also my bust (which is by no means ample) that Im not sure it still is classed as the original pattern, but I will give credit where it is due :) I was STUMPED by the all in one facing, it was slightly crazy, but now that I have figured it out, I am sure I will do this style of facing again as its easy once you know how!

I have also been doing the usual parenting tasks. Oliver is getting very cheeky now and is learning how to push his mother's buttons to make her cranky! Ruth is turning into a gorgeous, and very strong willed little girl and loves her callisthenics and also her reading. 

So I will tentatively say that I am back. I hope to attempt to be regular blogging when I can to keep you all updated. But for now, I am off to put the nappies on to wash, bake some bread and maybe eat an eclair hee hee. Then I need to update the website. 

Catch you all later.


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