Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Handbag

I decided the other day to make myself a new handbag. I got some chocolate brown suede from Spotlight and used some quilters Cotton that I had in my stash. I didnt have chocolate brown thread so I decided to use a contrasting colour that matched both fabrics, Aqua. The end result? I love it! Cant wait to go out with it and show it off to all!

Im pretty proud of this because having never made a bag before I decided on the task of designing it myself... I think I did a pretty good job and thanks to the thousands of tutorials I read to figure out how a bag went together! I think I read pretty much every tute I could find.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sneaky Spotlight Bargains

I sneaked off to Spotlight today to get some fabric for my handbag which I will be making tomorrow. Olly was really unbearable today. Quite a pain really, so lots of cuddles and not much sewing got done today, but hopefully tomorrow I can get a little bit done. :)

Back on topic.... I got a few bargains from the remnant bin, some green jersey for a t-shirt... not sure which child will recieve that one. Some blue puppy fabric thats a heavy cotton, will be using that one for Olly's sleeping bag which I intend to make sometime in the next few weeks and lastly some stripey cotton which i will probably use as feature fabric on a pair of pants for Ruth :)

My picture is a little blurry due to lack of natural light, but I am pretty impressed with my scores!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Shopping Bag Sewing Spree!

Today I decided to sew some shopping bags for my market stall. The markets isnt until next weekend but I thought I'd do it now so I could focus on more important market sewing for the weekend etc. I used the Singlet Style Shopping Bag Tutorial that I found on Craftster. I will be painting the web address on all of the bags so that people walking around the market will know to look for me! :)

It was nice to be sewing something different and I have already planned to make myself a new handbag tonight or tomorrow some time as I really enjoyed making a bag. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Little Place to Call My Own...

Well I have been fighting the need to put up my sewing machine again for the last 4 days. I took it down for Ruth's party on Sunday so my house would look cleaner than it actually was... :p Anyway, the kitchen table looks so lovely without the sewing machine on it all clean and lovely with my beautiful table runner that Heather got us from Thailand that I decided to just make my own little space in the family room to be my sewing space.

I got my card table and chucked the sewing machine and Over Locker on top and strategically placed the coffee table beside it so that the cords wouldnt run on the floor and so that I can put all the things I need on it such as cut out nappies, my snap press and of course my massive bag of snaps!!

Im very excited to have a little 'nook' to call my own space and to not be intruding on our ability to eat as a family at the table anymore... Ruth even did me a couple of originals to put on some formula tins to put my elastic and rulers and scissors etc in.

Ruthie Turns 4!!!

Ruthie turned 4 on Monday. It was amazing for me to think that the teeny tiny little baby (well not so tiny by most's standards but still....) that I gave birth to is growing into a big girl!!

While we were in QLD just after Easter we had a party with her dad at Sizzler... we did organise to have it at a park, but due to threatening rain we moved it. Can you guess what happened? Yup! didnt rain a drop the entire day!! LOL! We had a good time anyway, and Ruth was just exhausted afterwards...

Opening a present the look of sheer excitement is great!

Very taken by the fairy and squirrel set she got from her dad.

Ruth and I with her cupcakes

Me and Ruthie :)

The Birthday Girl with her cakes :) I did a good job if I do say so myself!

The Bride dress she got for Barbie was the favourite present of the party! :p

My mum didnt end up making it to the party because her partner Pete got bitten by bullants and ended up in hospital with Anaphylactic (sp?) Shock! But she gave Ruth their gift the day before we left to come home. She made her a wedding dress dress-up. Ruth is just obsessed with getting married at the moment so needless to say it took me 2 days to make her take it off!!

We had a party for Ruth when we got home from QLD with Mick's family and our friends Richard and Andy. It was great and I made a packet mix cake with sprinkle icing. I burnt it slightly as per tradition. But as I had no smarties it had to be fairy sprinkles instead. (The tradition is to have a chocolate smartie cake).

Ruth went to kinder on her actual birthday. And she insisted on wearing her party hat and #4 badge. Apparently they sang happy birthday to her with a real plastic cake :).

We got Ruth a toy sewing machine for her birthday. It was the star present and she hasnt stopped playing with it since. She says she's doing work just like mummy. Its cute :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birthday Skirt!

I decided to make miss Ruth a skirt for her birthday as part of the april sewing challenge on essential baby. I have a matching blouse cut out of white fabric bit I havent gotten around to finishing that part yet as we have been jet setting around everywhere for the last two weeks! Here are some hanger pics of the skirt.

Here are some modelled pictures of the skirt. Every girl's dream, it twirls beautifully!! :D

My own little kick in the pants...

Okay so I have been promising to make things for our house ever since we moved in... (a year ago) and have been putting it off and putting it off. But I have decided to finally get my act into gear. Ive decided to recover the cushions in the lounge and do up my bedroom. I figure Mick and I need to sleep in there, I want it o be our own little slice of heaven, so I need to make it that way!! So I'll be making curtains for the windows and a roman blind for the ensuite. Maybe (if Im feeling like punishing myself) I will make a new doona cover for our bed and some cushions. (as much as Mick will hate the cushions)

So thats the plan. Hopefully I will get started on it this week... :-S

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Little Trip to Wandi...

We decided to head up to Wandilligong for Easter to spend some time with Mick's family for the weekend. It was a lovely time very relaxing! I didnt get much of my knitting done between heading into Bright and going to the Wandi Pub to watch the bands play. I was coaxed into performing one night, but I must admit, it was fairly crap by my standards... Its been so long since Ive performed Im a little out of practice!! Here are my favourite pictures which I snapped while we were away.

Rosemary just has the most beautiful garden I have ever seen, she spends so much time maintaining it! This is a pic of Ruth walking through the archway up to 'the bus stop' at the top of the hill...

Oliver eating a Rose in the walker. He loved this walker the first day, probably because we were giving him things like Roses to eat. After that he wasnt really into it. But yes, apparently granny's roses are very tasty, he ate a few.

Mick thinking that Im the best girlfriend in the world. I thought I was buying the regular version of Zoo. Apparently not, this is like the porn version (well its softcore porn, no interesting articles at all!!)... whoops!! I do think I spotted him showing Olly some of the girls in bikinis...

Ruth had a wonderful time on Easter Sunday, the easter bunny hid a whole lot of eggs in the garden so She went racing around finding them, kept her (and daddy Mick) busy for quite a while!!

Off to Queensland tonight, we will be having an early birthday party for Miss Ruth while we are there so she can celebrate with her dad and our family up there. It will be lovely (if it doesnt rain!!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WIP Wednesday!

This is my first WIP post. I generally dont do them as I find that I finish things off pretty quickly, but I have a few things on the go today, so I thought I'd share... :D

Firstly, Ive got some longies for Olly on the needles at the moment. This is only the first leg. Its been taking me a while, but Im up to the waistband, so hopefully after our easter holiday of relaxing and hopefully lots of knitting, they will no longer be a WIP, they will be finished!

Next is the twirly skirt Im making for Ruth for her birthday. Unfortunately I have stuffed up the waistband/elastic casing so I am going to have to unpick it and try again so that the elastic fits through, or I may just trim the elastic width so it fits through the hole... the more likely scenario really... lol!

Last but not least is my plan for a blouse for Ruth. Its still an idea right now and I am making it to match the skirt. We'll see it will take a bit of planning and drawing but its looking pretty much like it'll work just fine :)

Okay thats it! other than nappies! lol which is always my WIP...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fabric Fun!

Well I have busily been buying fabric to make my gorgeous little girl an outfit for her birthday on the 20th of April. I cant believe that she will be 4!!

I got this gorgeous butterfly dot sheeting from Spotlight to make her a twirly skirt. The grape purple cotton is what I will use to make the waist and hem bands. I will be using the white cotton to make her a long sleeved blouse to wear with it. I was going to make a dress, but decided that it was too cold here in Melbourne to wear dresses so a long sleeved top and a skirt will have to do, but I am really excited to be making these things as I have been wanting to use this tutorial for a while and it is also a part of the April Sewing Challenge that I have agreed to take part in on Essential Baby.

Whilst I was at Spotlight buying some of my birthday present fabric I decided to buy some flannel to make the kids some PJ's. I was going to buy 2 different ones to make the kids their own personal pair with a print for them, but Ruth wanted so badly to have a pair of PJ's that match Olly, so I will be making them both a pair of PJ's out of this ducky flannel as per her request.

I also recieved a whole bunch of fabrics from my sister yesterday to make her some nappies and a sling for her new bubba due in June. But I havent taken piccies of it yet! :)

So now the fun part begins!! Pattern Drafting!! I will be drafting a pattern for Ruth's blouse and also the pj's although I will most likely use a pair of Ruth's PJ's and trace them to make her some... just make them longer!!!

The Reason for My Quietness...

I have been quiet on the sewing front lately. I have been doing alot of prep for the markets.

It was a really nice day out and I really enjoyed chatting to the other stall holders and looking at all the gorgeous little bubbas that came my way :) The coffee and delicious cupcakes were nice too!! :p


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