Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Creative Space

This week, I have been busily testing out my new pattern for baby jeans. It is still slightly Secret Squirrel, but I'm being nice and giving a full shot of one pair because my readers are so special.... See how lovely I am?? :)

They will all be hand appliquéd and hand embroidered. Yes, I'm crazy but I am absolutely loving the excuse to do some hand stitching!!!

So because there are no markets this week, all of these pants will go into the "to market" pile for next week. 

I am also about to cut into 10m of bamboo that is now "pre-shrunk", folded and rolled, ready to be made into soakers and overnight boosters. 

And today PUL will arrive to make another 50 nappies!! Not over excited there with stock, just getting ready for a busy month in March! We are looking at booking in 4 markets for the first time ever! :) GO ME!

Anyway, that bamboo awaits, it unfortunately wont cut itself. Thank goodness for my new scissors I bought last week!! Super Sharp and utterly FANTASTIC!!

For more spaces.. head over to Kristy's!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Store Stocking & A Question!

I am proud to announce that my shop at is FINALLY working!!! HOORAY!!

Also, a quick Question... does anyone know what fabric it is I have used in this skirt? I have been looking everywhere so I can reference the designer on the shop, I thought it was Amy Butler, but I cant find it anywhere and it wasn't written on the selvedge... 

Thanks to anyone who can help me!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Argh Internet!! Bleh!

I am currently angry at my website. In fact I am considering giving it a good kick in the pants. Things aren't working as planned, but hoping to have it all organised by tomorrow when the store is meant to be stocked full of lovely WeePantz Goodies!!!!

Some of the pages don't work 100% properly and apparently my web host is being a bum. Perhaps I will ring the professionals tomorrow if today I don't figure it out....

Anyway... in the mean time... check out my stall from the other day at the market... for some reason 1meter by 2meters isn't as big as I thought it was... :-p but at least I wasn't the only one with that problem!!

How cute is the lil boy in the pram? :-p

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Creative Space...

This week, my creative space has been dominated by denim, PUL, microfleece and gorgeous cotton prints.

What my sewing machine area currently looks like... a MASSIVE pile of nappies so big I have no pins left :)

This is one of the secret squirrel things I have been working on, some little skirts, I am in love with them, I will give them their own post soon, but they still need labels and size tags :) Im loving the designer fabrics in these ones though!

These are some of my pop over bibs, which also will recieve their own post eventually :-p Ive been too busy sewing to blog lately...

So its market prep all round for me this week and next, although I am going to take some time today or tomorrow to make myself a v neck t-shirt style top and maybe some coulottes.

For more creative spaces head over HERE to Kristy's blog :-)

Model Competition Update...

I am proud to announce that a little girl named Zalia has been chosen to be a model for weepantz. Thanks for entering! I look forward to sharing photos of her with you all soon :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New website!!

Exciting News!!

I have been working flat out for the last 2 weeks, writing a new website for WeePantz! Its been a slog, but its almost done, I will be finishing it off in the next few days with a celebratory store stocking on Sunday the 14th of Feb.

Please, Please go check out the site, Ive worked very hard on it and would love to know what you guys think! is the address!

In other news, I have just this week taken over as the coordinator for the Vic branch of the Australian Nappy Network (ANN) their site here. Im pretty excited, and cant wait to continue with my advocacy for cloth nappies in another new way :)

Also... Markets on Saturday!!
This one is The Sisters' Market
Brunswick Town Hall
233 Sydney Road Brunswick
10am - 4pm
Come and say hello!!
more details of who else will be there here

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today is WeePantz official first birthday!! to celebrate I will be drawing the winner of the competition...
SEE THIS POST FOR DETAILS!! I need more applicants so I will now be extending it until wednesday (tomorrow)...


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giveaway :)

Make it Perfect has just released their new pattern the shearwater tunic I am IN LOVE with it!! One is being given away on Toni's blog right now, and you might win a copy of the pattern, unless I beat you to it!!

Wordless Weekend

ok so i might have been bored.... or procrastinating...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As most of you know, I started my little cloth nappy and baby couture business about a year ago. Actually on Feb 9th it will be exactly 12 months!! WOW TIME FLIES!!

With the recent development of lovely girly nappies, dresses and other secret squirrel things that I just cant mention yet (which are girly), a need as risen for a female model for WeePantz.

So here's where the competition comes into it...

I am looking for entries of little girls with PERSONALITY!!

The little girl will need to live in Melbourne and be with a parent who is willing to travel for a photo shoot (only in the Melbourne and greater Melbourne area, we arent talking woop woop here so its all good).

The little girl will need to be smaller than a size 2.

The winning little girl will recieve for her efforts of being in the photo shoot:--

**one set of clothing that will be worn during the photo shoot as well as any nappies she wears on the day.
**reimbursement of petrol for travelling to and from the photoshoot from their home. (as organised by myself and the parent)
**as many of the photos from the shoot as desired.

To Enter...

Email Me with your expressed interest and a picture of your little girl attached. Also... post a comment on here. :-)

Entries will close on Tuesday the 9th of February 2010 at 5pm EDST and a winner decided upon by Friday the 12th of February. The photo shoot date will be subject to availability of both myself and the winner.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Very Special Day

Today was a certain little princess' first day at school. We awoke at 6am, yes very very early and then started the day. Got ready for school and off we went along with the other hundreds of preppies for their first day at school.

Ruth ready to go to school, complete with hat that is the size of a flying saucer and backpack she could fold in half and fit inside...

getting out of the car ready to walk around the block to school. I think the question she asked me was "muuum, why do you have to take so many photos of me??!!??"

doing puzzles with some of her kinder friends from last year (who have been cropped out for privacy purposes)

It was a very exciting morning for my little princess and a very emotional one for her mother. I was a complete cot case, but thats okay, I think all the mums were slightly emotional about their babies growing up. They did, however, all look incredibly cute in their school uniforms!!

So its reduced hours for the first week and no wednesdays for a month, but I am already planning my school hours as being major sewing project hours!! (yes thats right, the emotional Amy didnt really last very long, I immediately started thinking of craft in true sew-a-holic style...)

 I am super excited about not having to get snacks for a 4 year old who has hollow legs every 5 minutes. I'll just have to deal with my other little charge who loves sitting on top of the fabric and patterns as I am cutting or tracing...

Until next time...

Amy xo


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