Friday, October 30, 2009

Op Shopping Wonderness!

I went to the local Vinnies today to have a look at what they had in ways of shirts that I could convert into tops for me. I walked out with much more as they had some great things there!! I could have bought oh so much more but I thought Id best leave that to another day.

The stash I got from vinnies. Theres 3 shirts that I will be turning into tops for me and 2 pillow cases that I thought were cool.

Sewing patterns.

A kids yarn and knitting book.

A dressmaking book. Its pretty old school but Im sure I will learn something. The basics cant have changed that much!

Some Disney books. There were heaps, I will be going back for more!

So a pretty awesome stash. I am off to make a top now! (Well after dinner is cooked of course!)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Creative Space

Okay So I have decided to play along with "My Creative Space" from kootooyoo. So what's happening in my creative space this week? Hmm lots of nappy sewing ahead of the market next weekend.

A little sneaky peek there. This is one of the designs I have been working on. Its been really rewarding to be working on something different. Hopefully the market goers like my new creativeness!!

I am also going out one night on the weekend one of my friends' bands is playing in Docklands so I have decided to make a top. Here is the fabric and buttons I have bought to be my embellishments.

They are hot pink. Such a beautiful colour. I have a weakness for all things pink. I was actually considering getting rid of the buttons and making a red "under bust" belt so that I could wear my red heels. But then I got the buttons out to take the photo and thought "no way I love these buttons too much!". So, alas I will have to forgoe the red heels this time. Perhaps I will have to go buy some hot pink ones!! Who knows, I might change my mind again by the time the top is done.

Ruth has also been spending some time in HER creative space this week. She loves to make things. (Don't have any idea where she got that from!) But here is a photo of her being creative in her own space, cutting up magazines and stickytaping them onto paper (because mummy couldnt find the glue).

Okay so Im gonna stop bragging and go back to sewing. It keeps me out of trouble. HEE HEE!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fabric Fabric Fabric...

Hmm well I was possibly naughty today and went to the local sewing centre who has had a fabric sale on lately. I found some beautiful fabrics (most of which weren't on special) and bought 3. They are all most likely destined to be clothes for miss Ruth. But I would also like to use some of the flower one on a nappy as well :)

Tuesday Tip #2

My tip for today....

Trace around your pattern pieces on the fabric.

This is a tip that my lovely boyfriend Mick gave me about 6 months ago. It is something that his home economics teacher taught him all the way back in year 7. (making those lovely, shapeless shorts that we all make in early highschool!) We wont tell him he has been so influential in my sewing... he will get a big head... hee hee.

So first... Just lay your pattern on the fabric. These photos were taken for the purpose of the tip, so the bodice pattern piece isnt actually on the fold as it should be... :-p

Trace around your pattern piece with chalk, a pencil or one of those fancy fabric pens. Anything that washes out is perfect. There has been times when I have used a texta and had to soak the newly sewn item before it has been worn to remove the ink stain... haha silly lady! I generally now use a piece of chalk that I stole   aquired from my daughter's sidewalk chalk set and sawed into manageable sized chunks. whenever they go blunt I just get a new piece out.

This would be the point in time when you mark your notches etc, onto the fabric.

Okay! So now you are ready to cut. Your fabric will be much closer to the pattern as cutting on a line is far easier ( and alot more accurate) than cutting around a pattern piece. It also saves stacks of time!

Hope you all find this helpful! I appologise for the dim chalk, You could see it really well in real life, somehow something is lost when I take a photo! LOL!

Head over to Solomon's Sewing to see who else has joined in on the Tuesday Tip this week!
I have just entered a giveaway over on Sew! Busy! Mama! She has a wonderful prize on offer in celebration of blogtober! Very cool! To enter.. CLICK HERE! I kinda hope I win this one!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Well! I've madly been been sewing nappies for this market and I aim to complete 6 by the end of today.... we'll see, we'll see... my poor little boy had to go get his head glued together at 3am this morning after falling off my bed and hitting his head on the bedside table.


So its been a fairly clinggy day today, as he has had a sore head. Poor little dude.

I did manage to get some sewing time in though thankfully. And among other things, I completed my train that Ive been making. Well its pretty much completed, I have to fix the wheels as they are slightly dodgy, but it looks a treat in real life. Please excuse my dodgy phone photography, I need to empty the flash card on the didgital camera....

So back to sewing, oh and cuddling a sore little boy...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Its official! I have secured a place at the teeny tiny kids market on the 7th of November. You can get more information at the sisters' market website. Im very excited and am looking forward to attending.

sisters market

Tuesday Tip (one day late)

I have decided to join in on Solomon Sewing's Tuesday Tip. This week was to share a crafty tip. My crafty tip this week is...

"Dont let the kids use your sewing scissors for cutting paper... it will ruin them!!!"

To join in, head over to the sign up page.

Happy sewing!

Monday, October 19, 2009

It is a beautiful, sunny, non-windy day here in Melbourne today! Shock horror! So I told Ruth that we could head down to the park with her scooter and play on the play equipment there. Its only a block away but we had to stop 3 times because Ruth was getting worn out on the scooter. But she had an excellent time scooting down there, around the footpaths, up and down hills at the park and home again.

I took some beautiful photos of the kids while we were down at the park and I just had to share them with my friends in blog land. Mainly cos I am uber proud of how beautiful the children I produce are! **hint of cheekiness there**

I also recieved an e-mail from a market here in Melbourne that runs in Brunswick and St Kilda to invite me to fill in at their special teeny tiney kids and baby market on the 7th of November. I graciously accepted the offer and will confirm my place this week. Very exciting for me to be thought of in a time of need and I am very glad that my bamboo fleece and snaps arrived today in time to make up a stack of new nappies before the 7th.

You will all no doubt grow tired of hearing of my nappy sewing efforts over the next 2 weeks but I might try to squeeze in some other stuff as well so we will see. I want to make myself a top out of some lovely white fabric I have here its a little bit stretchy and a little bit slinky, I will post the top when its done. :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wordless Weekend

This week has been quite productive nappy-wise. I have been doing alot of embroidery on minkee for a new market we have applied to attend next month. More on that another day, but I thought I would share a photo of a sneak peek of what I have been up to as I haven't done a sewing post for a long time!
I assure you, sewing has been happening and I have actually aquired a sewing room (kicked my son out of the nursery and moved him into his own bedroom) and I have been attempting to prove to my lovely partner that I need the space. Although this wasnt questioned anyway!

In my new sewing room I have made Oliver a shirt (sans buttons, so it is still technically classed a WIP) and have been attempting to make a shirred dress for Ruth, which, to this moment I have not completed because I have been too distracted doing embroidery on nappies!
So here's a little sneak peek of my little embroidery/applique that I have been working on, I have finished 2 other ones of this, it is the second last one (there will be 4) and the stabilizer is still on top with my guide lines on it for ease of stitching. But You get a slight idea...

It is quite difficult to do embroidery to a sellable quality on a normal machine (or freehand as some people call it), so this week I have also been looking at embroidery machines and it has been added to my Christmas / Birthday wishlist. But Im happy now that I have figured out a good process to use whilst doing embroidery and applique and have found that tear away stabiliser was a FANTASTIC investment as well as some spray on adhesive and ironing my fabric as I go. As the old (revised) saying goes, practise makes better!
I couldnt go an entire post without showing you some sneaky picture of my kids which I have taken recently. The other day I bought Oliver his first toothbrush because he now has 4 teeth (which he popped out in 3 days much to his disgruntled, exhausted parents' disgust) and I caught Ruth teaching him how to use it. So beautiful and a lovely candid moment caught on film (or on memory card, although film sounds much better and alot more nostalgiac)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oliver Turned 1!!
Can you all believe my little bubba has had his first birthday? Hmm so the party was HUGE I was cooking from 6am onwards, and collapsed into a slightly drunken heap at 8pm on the couch while everyone else cleaned up :P

I made a guitar cake for the boy which worked a treat and the oven survived not burning it before dying three days later! So glad that happened after the party!!

It was a lovely party and I have posted a few pics to show how much he enjoyed the cake, I didnt get to make him an outfit like I had intended cos I was so busy planning the massive meal everyone was getting!! :P But I am super proud of the cake, I did very well!!


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