Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Info for Friday...

September is usually a big month for us. There's a few reasons, such as the nappy hunt, the cloth nappy expo in Casey, we come out of general hibernation as springtime hits and its more inviting to head to markets, and usually reusable nappy week is on during the month also. So in light of all of this, I thought, what a better time to celebrate and have decided to run a promotion for the month called Freebie Friday!

The basic idea of Freebie Friday is that you guys get free stuff! Not rocket science, but there are a few details to Freebie Friday that I thought I would outline...

On Freebie Friday, customers of WeePantz can get Free Stuff in 2 ways...

1. For every purchase on Fridays during September customers will receive a FREE GIFT! 
The gift will change each week, and will be limited to one per customer, per week. You may need to purchase a particular item to redeem your gift (e.g. buy a, AI2 nappy and receive a free extra booster etc)

2. I will also be giving away a FREE GIFT every Friday during the month of September also. 
The gift will change each week, and the winner will be drawn by my little miss 6yo out of a hat on Friday evenings at 6pm. To get an entry you simply have to buy something from WeePantz during that week or Sign up to our Newsletter during that week.

I'll announce on Wednesdays and then remind on Thursdays what the free gift will be and also what the giveaway will be.

All the Conditions:

Each week, the free gift and also the giveaway prize will be decided upon by Amy (that'd be me).

The free gift will only be redeemable on Fridays from 12.01am until 11.59pm.

The free gift will only be able to be redeemed once per week per customer ( no cheating guys! ) and will be automatically added to your order (you wont need to click a button etc)

The free gift draw will be conducted on Fridays at 6pm via being drawn from a hat and will be filmed and the video uploaded for viewing with the winner announcement.

The free gift draw can only be entered via the ways above. The free gift draw can be won by someone who has already purchased and redeemed a free gift from the store on that day.

I reserve the right to change the rules of the competition at any time during the month.

The free gift cannot be claimed by a known retailer of WeePantz products and cannot be resold at retail price for personal profit or gain.

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's that Time Again..

That's right, it is nappy hunt time again! Be sure to head over to their site and register to hunt so that you can have a chance of winning some of the awesome prizes!

We are sponsoring the hunt again, and having a huge 20% off at the website (excluding bulk packs) and also running a promotion called Freebie Friday! 

(More info on freebie friday will be on our facebook page and then again on here later in the week)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Those Little Cheesecakes

As I said last week, I had some lovely time off and actually ended up doing some baking.

These little cheesecakes were really yummy and I was aided very much when making them by a new pan I bought from the general trader.

How awesome is that? The bottom just pops up and your little cake doesn't get ruined from turning it out. ( I have smashed many a cake this way! ) The pan also holds 12, which I think made this so much easier cos I didn't have to do it in batches.

Anyway, I'm going to stop sounding like an infomercial and go do some housework, today is my last day off!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fab Friday...

Today I am finalizing a mending job for a lovely lady I met through the Australian Nappy Network.

It's okay Katrina I haven't forgotten you, the elastic in your nappies is nearly finished!!

I am also working on some of those things I said I would do for my week off.

I bought this pattern a couple of years ago at the op-shop, its an old spotlight "get creative" pattern. 

Its a very basic pant, and once I've tested it out and know that it fits well, I will add pockets, belt loops and other lovely pants essentials that aren't included in the pattern paper. I have enough fabric here for 3 pairs of pants and have one pair cut, interfaced and ready to sew up later today.

I also have to re-make a batch of mini cheesecakes. I decided (and mentioned on facebook) that I would make some mini cheesecakes for calisthenics morning tea (for the mums) on Saturday. The Mr stole 3 from the batch for himself and the guys at work yesterday and today took the rest of the batch cos they all wanted more! So I'm looking forward to making a bunch of little cheesecakes today too. I also bought an awesome tool to help me when I am baking them (trust me, when I tell you about this, you will be excited and want one!)

What are you guys up to this lovely Friday? Are you mending? Baking? Sewing? Painting? Relaxing? I'd love to hear what you are up to!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Market Wrap - Up...

A few photos from the market in Bulleen on Sunday. It was a great day out and I was so pleased to have been involved with a gorgeous market day at Fairy Floss.

Thanks again to Kirsty and her family for another fantastic day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yeah there is a little of that going on around here... 

The Sew-jo is returning very very slowly, but returning just the same. Hopefully some nice new products will be on their way soon!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some market wrap - up!


I am the highest bidder... hopefully it stays that way for the next 8 hours!!

Please please please!! (sending out those vibes to a greater being!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Bit of Catch - Up

Catching up on some of my latest projects...

I said the other day that I haven't really done much sewing lately. Mostly because its calisthenics season, meaning that all I get time to sew is costumes. This year's costume challenge for me was a hippo.

It was a big challenge, but certainly not as difficult as last year's alien! Miss Ruth thinks its pretty awesome and she looks very cute on the stage in it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Playing my guitar tonight. There's something exhilarating about singing along to a song for me. It releases everything inside and I truly express myself. It's like riding a roller coaster! If I am ever sad, my guitar and singing will help. 

Car is 100% packed for the market tomorrow, can't wait! Master 2yo has had gastro for 2 weeks and Miss 6yo came out with red spots / blisters last night (chicken pox?? other random virus??). Cant wait for a day out, not worrying about who's nose I have to wipe for a few hours :) 

DO come visit me in Bulleen I will be at the WeePantz Stall!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yeah I'm sure a lot of you guys have lately been thinking this of me! I have actually been the opposite, VERY VERY BUSY. Which is my current excuse for not blogging, not sewing, and not being social in general. 

I recently moved on from my job at a great little coffee shop at one of the Universities and took on another "full time" job which I thought was going to help me out in the $$ department, but realized it just wasn't for me. So today I quit... yeah not in an absent minded moment, I do have another job to go to, which doesn't start for a couple of weeks so I will be spending next week being a house wife.

I am slightly excited about being a housewife for a week (not that I am a wife btw, yes, a dig at the Mr there!) I will hopefully get my cleaning, washing and folding finished and get to bake something at some point in time

Life at this point in time is exciting, scary and oh so empowering for me as I have said NO to one thing and welcomed a new chapter of life, which is lovely as I spend lots of my time going with the flow. I may even get some time to sew. I did buy the fabric for 2 new pairs of pants yesterday so I hope to get onto that once I have all of my orders up to date as I tried buying pants the other day and my LEGS ARE JUST WAY TOO DAMN LONG! I apologize for the offence but DAMN YOU SHORT PEOPLE!!

And so hence the new chapter begins, I am praying it is a happy one, with less stress and a lot more time for the things I love doing.

Happy, empowered and ready for whatever comes next!!


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