Friday, July 31, 2009

And sew the flea market look is so in this season... yes I have everything set up (in an organised mess) preparing for Sunday. It was a very productive day. Hopeing my new fabric gets here today so I can take the new nappies with me! As they are super dooper cute!! You can see one in this pic. (sorry bout the quality of this one!)
Its kinda blocking the walkway but its only for a couple more days :P
Off to sew more nappies :P

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The exuse for not sewing yesterday....
My gorgeous little man! I was playing with the kiddies! Fair excuse I reckon!! Hes such a sweetheart. His sister is just as beautiful! But a feral 4 year old at the moment :D

So there's loads of sewing planned for today. I am actually awaiting fabric so there will mainly be cutting out and organising ready for the sewing to take place. Also snapping glad I will have good arms soon! haha the snap press gives them a good work out!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So day #2 of my blogging challenge has arrived. Yesterday I did some sewing!!! SHOCK HORROR!! I fixed the atrocity that was my daughter's skirt that I had begun making after a few glasses of wine. Its too big, but she will grow into it no doubt.... I just love the colours though! So Im a little disapointed that its too big, but Ruth loves it and cant wait til she fits in it!!

But next time I will just make the elastic even smaller before I put it in the casing. Its just a basic skirt which I have pulled in with elastic in the waistband. I was going to put in a zipper but couldnt find my zips in the EXPLOSION that is my spare room where I keep my fabrics. I have lost more than my fair share of things in there lately think it might need to go on the "to do" list!!! Anyway, so I ended up doing a covered button for the waist. The waistband is sewn together, but the button was just a challenge really.

I wanted the button to be covered in the denim. But it was just too heavy for the button covering kit and the back wouldnt clip into the cover so I had to opt for the stripey material intsead. A little disapointed, but after the hour it took me to cover the button I am just glad it is done!! haha!!

I have to thank Ling from pork chop's nest for the denim. She gave to me as a thankyou for sending her my son's newborn huggies. (Oliver was far too big for them from birth so we never used them!) Here is her blog HERE!

We also (As promised) made fruit bread at our house yesterday. My lovely partner who had gastro told me it smelled horrible!! LOL!!! But the kids and I both enjoyed it. I found a recipe for cinnamon raisin bread and added apple. MMMMM it was delicious. As you can see there isnt much left!

So today's plan I hear you ask? NAPPIES!!! I am ordering some new fabrics to make sure I have enough for the market on Sunday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So I've decided that I need to give myself a goal for the month. So for the next month I will be doing a blog post a day and then at the end of the month I will celebrate with a giveaway!!

Today is planned to be a big day of sewing, cleaning and baking. I want to make raisin bread cos my kids love it! and I could spend a fortune on buying raisin bread if I wanted to!

I also want to finish my Daughter's skirt and get into making some new nappies as I will be having a market stall at the Point Cook Market on Sunday morning.

Looks like it will be an interesting and BUSY month here at the mad house!
Enjoy the ride!

Omigosh GIVEAWAY!!

I have entered a giveaway on this blog here.
Romi is a stay at home mum and trying to promote her new etsy shop OMIGOSH.
I love supporting WAHM's cos I am one! so please go check out her blog and her shop as she makes some beautiful items.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its been a while...

So its been a while since I have sewn anything. I have been very busy with my kiddies. My son has been sick and in hospital. And school holidays are always a killer and my DD is full of beans ready for mummy to tell her how to distribute them! A few things Ive done over my break from sewing and life in general??

Ruth and I made a man with a balloon....

I got a new coffee machine... mmmm coffee...

My nephew Jack was born...

And i made him some nappies ...

Oliver got a new highchair and loves it!!!
Oliver went to hospital...

and had this removed from his oesophagus...

He was a total champ and made lots of new friends with the nurses who all fell in love with him! He even loved the fact that he had a drip in his arm! Cos then he could bash stuff with the splint!! haha!!

Olly had his first go on a swing... ate some bark too...

Ruth had a great time swinging too!!
So thats a brief summary of the last month... LOL!!!! Hopefully will be back behind the machines again soon :)


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