Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Creative Space

Today in "the space" I am making Bibs.


At my last market I sold out of bibs which was a pretty crazy inconvenience for my customers because there weren't many to choose from by the end. (don't look at my ugly guitar playing mangled hands haha)

 so for the market this weekend I am making up HEAPS!!

And I'm using lots of new fabrics which is exciting :) Apparently I have been sewing so fast that the machine gets speed wobbles, the cotton pops of the spoke on top of the machine and then breaks! haha. That has never happened before...

Next week I will be back on nappies, so I am enjoying the non snapping week! hee hee. Until then... I should probably go back to sewing before the boy awakes from his nap...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Musketeer Madness

As per my previous post, I was requested by my beautiful daughter to make her a Barbie musketeer outfit for a fancy dress party on Friday night. So on Thursday I started sewing, I had been planning until that point so I wasn't completely disorganised! Just a little bit hee hee.

The Pattern I used was Burda 2463. I only really used the bodice pattern for this, and drafted a new skirt pattern. (that would be drew it with only a length measurement and matched the waist to the bodice piece. My original plan was to use a circle style skirt but I decided on an A-Line instead. I also re-drafted the neckline as the dress I was copying had the low neck but the pattern was a standard crew neck.

And here is the finished product. This photo was taken just before we left for the party, so excuse the flash photography, there wasn't much natural light as it was pouring rain outside!

The embroidery I did by hand whilst squinting to copy from the dvd cover where the image was about 1cm tall. It is slightly wonky but a fairly close match. I used some pink ribbon for the frill on the front and the sleeves.

In action, the green musketeer uses fans as her weapon. 

I'm very proud of the finished product. And Ruth is stoked, the only reason why she stopped wearing it is because she had to wear her uniform to school! Even wore it to bed! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Creative Space

Today in the space, I have sitting this pattern...

also, 2m of aqua/green satin, 1.5m of gold trimming, and a zip.

Princess Ruth wants to go to a costume party as one of the barbie 3 musketeers

So I bought this pattern, basically so I don't have to draft the bodice of this dress. I will be making a knee length circle skirt piece to attach to the bodice so it is the same as the movie character and putting some tulle underneath so it sits out rather than draping straight down. Also cutting off the draping long piece of the sleeves and leaving out the excessive unnecessary pleating on the top half. (there is a second view of the pattern that doesn't include the pleating) 

I know you are all jealous of my fantastic amazing need to sew children's princess dresses! I hope it goes well because I don't want to go back down to spotlight, tail between legs saying to them "failed miserably, more fabric please!" 

I will report progress this afternoon when I've sewn some of it together and done ALOT of swearing at the satin because its slippery... Any tips for sewing satin are much appreciated at this point! Going slow is my current idea!


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Monday, April 19, 2010

First time in Cloth

This is my nephew. I gave my sister a few nappies that I had made that I had stuffed up the snaps on. I am definitely planning a bunch more of these nappies in the future because the train looks so cute! I was pretty excited when my sister put this nappy on and said she couldn't wait to get some WeePantz without defective snaps! 

I'm pretty particular about what I sell, something I learned through my boss prior to having kiddies. We always had to throw out things that were the slightest bit not perfect or the same as everything else. This attitude earned my boss a fantastic reputation of producing a quality product every time. This is the kind of reputation that I want to acquire. So generally things that can be beautiful in one sense and not 100% perfect in another get thrown out.... or in this case either added to my own nappy stash or my sisters'!!!!

Have a happy day! I am excited because its nearly post day with new fabric!!!!!!! very exciting!

Wordless Weekend (better late than never right??)

the real amount of candles might have burned the house down :p

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Creative Space

Okay so it has been a long long time since I have paid any attention to my poor little neglected blog! I have, however been very very busy on school holidays with my gorgeous daughter and then went away to beautiful sunny Queensland for a week! 

Ahh that was lovely and warm, and then came home to be greeted with the freezing cold Melbourne weather. Although, I have it on good authority... ok well it was the weather thing on igoogle, but still... the only authority I have, that it will warm up for the market on the weekend.

A couple of photos from our last day in Queensland...

Ruth and her cousin Charlotte who she still has been crying about missing!

Olly sitting on my sister's beautiful green grass! mind you, all grass looks amazing compared to my brown dead grass!

It was a fantastic time away, however short. We had a lovely time and it was nice to see my side of the family who all live in Brissy. 

Now... on to the creative stuff!

I've been doing a few things since I have been back from QLD. I didnt set my machines back up until Monday giving myself a few days off which I spent my time playing the sims all the time!! Oh how I love that game. I wish I could just put up a wall whenever I had an extra $100 and change my body shape by going in a body shaping machine!! Ahh back to reality...

So since Monday Ive been setting myself up for making some more nappies. When I sew them, I do them in stages, so I can make roughly (children willing) 30-50 in a week, I cut one day, sew the boosters another do the snaps another blah blah, all comes together very easily when I stick to my routine!

Yesterday I did the snaps on 50 nappies... oh my how my arm is incredibly sore!!

It's quite hard taking a photo of yourself snapping!

Anyway, Ive now looked into a foot press cos they look easier! hee hee... I must say that one of the advantages of working from home, is that you can work in your trackies and your boyfriend's jumper and no-one ever has to find out! As you can see from the above picture.

The other thing I attempted this week was taking some new photos for my website. This was unsuccessful... my model wasnt very co-operative, The fact that it was around 15 degrees probably was the reason! 
**note to self... turn on the heater next time!**

NOT enjoying it at all!

That's all thats happening in my creative space this week! Today is sewing day so I better get back to it, although... the child is not really willing :-( darn teeth!

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