Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Okay so blogging whilst on Holiday turned out to be quite difficult! My sister and I were too busy gabbling to each other like little kids and never came up for air! Was a wonderful and warm holiday (too warm at times) and the kids and I are both glad to be home!

I have been sewing fitted night nappies for my next market and store stocking and am currently testing the design on a couple of bubs :) So off to spotlight today to buy yet more flanell as it is incredibly cheap there at the moment! I will be back later with a sneaky peek of what colours I have. So far I have only used traffic fabric and I want to get some girly colours!

I've also added to my to do list some fabric boxes to keep all my stuff in as I need more storage for nappies and also for fabric!

So until later when I have photos to make you all drool...

Amy xo

Friday, August 7, 2009

Whoops! Missed another day!

We have arrived in Brisbane for our holiday. Ruth and Oliver are VERY tired today as we spent the day yesterday out at lunch with my mum and sisters. We also went out late to buy our groceries and Oliver is getting a tooth meaning that he was up MOST of the night and its still not through. Hopefully we can get some rest tonight cos I am dying from exhaustion!

Anyway, nothing sewing related today. My mum is bringing me her sewing machine and Overlocker over later this afternoon so that I can make my sister a few fitted nappies for her new bub. :)

So hopefully the sewing withdrawal ends tonight! haha. Im also going to make apricont chicken for dinner tonight. I might make it in the oven soooooo delicious!!!!!

Until tomorrow...

Amy xo

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oops! I missed a day yesterday. I was busy making a lasange. I even made the pasta! I was very proud of myself! Felt very housewifely too :P

Some sewing happened here yesterday too! AMAZING!! I put together a nappy for Oliver as we are moving him up a size. The nappy is very cute and I cant wait to show it off! Sucks that its winter!!! LOL!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Okay so the much anticipated market photos have gone by the way side as I was in a horrid mood today. But I did however find some beautiful pics to cheer me up! enjoy the nostalgia as I did...

I used to be a part of a band and here are a couple of photos I found before. The one on the left is of me and my good friend Spol pretending to be sleeping and clapping hands. We had a strange connection us two! The right hand photo is of me and Jo. Ahhh Jo, he works in an onion factory in Tassie now I do believe. But yes, here I am doing air guitar. Very important :D

I also found some photos that were taken by a friend of mine of me and my little girl Ruth when she was just 4 weeks old. Awww she is soooo tiny!! Love her to bits!! THIS is my good friend who took the photos.
ok so hopefully we will be back to our normal sewing programming tomorrow.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A flying post as I hve had the busiest day filed with markets and visitors! What a nice day for the market, was nice to catch up with the other stall holders as I missed last month. Not many customers though unfortunately so I couldnt cover my cupcake addiction!

Will be in tomorrow with photos!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Freestyle Embroidery Take 1

So I decided to try my hand at some freestyle machine embroidery. Basically this means that instead of the fancy $2000 machine etc, I did it myself on my regular sewing machine. I started out wanting to complete something similar to what this lady does. But once I got the outline of my anchor I thought Id try filling it in. It looks really cool and considering it is my first attempt, I can forgive the messiness that I started out with. But I will definately be doing this again! Look out world, Amy has figured out how to embroider....
The picture on the left is what I used as my original stencil that I traced for the outline. I am pretty impressed with my effort. :D
My beautiful boy is 10 months old today! I cant believe he has grown so quickly! Soon I will have a toddler on my hands! Hes so beautiful and Im loving every minute of being his mum even if he is nothing but trouble!

Now back to sewing... I bought some embroidery thread yesterday which I am using on my nappies. I made a really cute paw print one, but because it was my first, I will have to keep it for Oliver as its slightly off centre and a little bit dodgy.

I used a piece of paper as a makeshift backing stabilizer because the minkee kept getting caught in the feed dog of my machine... Im looking forward to doing some more embroidery too! I might do some for Miss Ruth on some clothes and of course on my nappies!


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