Friday, March 20, 2009

Swap Opening Day!!

Well today is opening day for the clothing swaap I have been involved in on EB... I am very excited to show off the two outfits that my kiddies recieved! I know that one of my swap partners hasn't opened her parcel yet! so I will blog the outfits I made later :)

Firstly I will show you the outfit I recieved for Oliver. Made by xenabonjovi

He got a beautiful pair of pants with an appliqued bodysuit, a knitted scarf and my #1 weakness... a pair of baby shoes. I am yet to take pics of the kids wearing their outfits yet... but here is a pic of the outfit after we unwrapped it!

I still dont know who sewed Ruthie's outfit as they didnt put in a card to out themselves! But Ruthie really likes her outfit... here are the pics of her opening it. :)

Thankyou very much lovely ladies! I will investigate to find out who sent me Ruth's outfit soon :) And put piccies of my creations up later :)

Here are some modelled pics... Olly looks like such a little boy in his outfit! The shoes came off in about 5 minutes and are now covered in slober! hehehe... we love it thanks xena!

Ruth came running out this morning wanting to put her outfit on! I had to run around in my underwear getting her dressed as she wouldn't wait! The outfit is a little big, but will fit soon I guess cos she is constantly growing! 10cm this month!! Im guessing the jacket is meant to be 3/4 sleeves because it is just long enough now for her whole arm... But anyway, the skirt twirls very well and Im sure will be well worn! Thanks to the mystery lady! Please let me know who you are so I can thank you properly. :) BTW please excuse Ruth's dishevelled hair, she'd just woken up :)

Thanks to Ingrid for organising the swap I have had a great time participating :)

I have just found out that kerry made Ruth's outfit. Thankyou very much! :D


ingrid said...

What lovely goodies!
If you cant figure out who sent parcel #2 then just ask and I will reveal all ;-)

Dani said...

OH wow, what fantastic outfits. Love the shoes, to cute! I would love to see you DD's outfit on.

Natalie said...

Aww these are both adorable outfit! I too have a weakness for baby shoes, but sadly never got around to making any for my miss yet. I love the little fitted jacket, so adorable!

xenabonjovi said...

Glad you like the set. I just hope they fit!

Karen said...

Oh these are great outfits Amy - you must be so pleased.
Ruth's looks like a grown up girl's outfit and the skirt looks perfect for twirling in.
Baby shoes are lovely - must make some for Miss G before she's too big!
Well done Xena and mystery sewist!

becanne said...

So cute!
makes all the pressure of getting your own done worth it!

Little Munchkins said...

The outfits look fabulous. A bit bigger is ok in my books, she can always grow into it.


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