Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So day #2 of my blogging challenge has arrived. Yesterday I did some sewing!!! SHOCK HORROR!! I fixed the atrocity that was my daughter's skirt that I had begun making after a few glasses of wine. Its too big, but she will grow into it no doubt.... I just love the colours though! So Im a little disapointed that its too big, but Ruth loves it and cant wait til she fits in it!!

But next time I will just make the elastic even smaller before I put it in the casing. Its just a basic skirt which I have pulled in with elastic in the waistband. I was going to put in a zipper but couldnt find my zips in the EXPLOSION that is my spare room where I keep my fabrics. I have lost more than my fair share of things in there lately think it might need to go on the "to do" list!!! Anyway, so I ended up doing a covered button for the waist. The waistband is sewn together, but the button was just a challenge really.

I wanted the button to be covered in the denim. But it was just too heavy for the button covering kit and the back wouldnt clip into the cover so I had to opt for the stripey material intsead. A little disapointed, but after the hour it took me to cover the button I am just glad it is done!! haha!!

I have to thank Ling from pork chop's nest for the denim. She gave to me as a thankyou for sending her my son's newborn huggies. (Oliver was far too big for them from birth so we never used them!) Here is her blog HERE!

We also (As promised) made fruit bread at our house yesterday. My lovely partner who had gastro told me it smelled horrible!! LOL!!! But the kids and I both enjoyed it. I found a recipe for cinnamon raisin bread and added apple. MMMMM it was delicious. As you can see there isnt much left!

So today's plan I hear you ask? NAPPIES!!! I am ordering some new fabrics to make sure I have enough for the market on Sunday!


Little Munchkins said...

I think the stripes is perfect together with the denim.

Mmmm, fruit bread. I can almost smell it!

Miss Amy said...

It was so good. Might put some Golden Syrup in in next time to make it exxxxxxtra yummy!!


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