Wednesday, June 9, 2010

8 Questions...

Found this little game over on a Blog when looking around, thought I would play too!

1. What is your favourite meal? I have LOTS of food allergies so something that tastes delicious and doesnt have any lemon juice, orange, pineapple, or msg in it and I am set. I am a savory person and very partial to vegemite toasties... LOVE THEM! 

(my 23rd birthday)

2. Do you have a quirky eccentricity? Oh... MANY! I have been described as just plain old "odd" or "crazy" on many an occasion! Things often make complete sense to me and just make everyone else laugh... I'm fairly used to such occurrences now though! But most of all, I get in my own little world (particularly when playing my guitar) and I am off for hours. I also have a thing that I do with one of my friends to see who can lick the most things, we have been doing this since I was 19... that's alot of random germs!

(proof of such insanity)

3. My Middle Name  That would be Louise :)

4. What I am passionate about... There are many things! 
**I am passionate about the environment and creating a healthy, beautiful planet for my kids and instilling in them a similar value so that for generations to come we will still have a beautiful world. For this reason I am into things like recycling, reusing things such as nappies and handing down clothes and conserving water.

** I am passionate about giving my kids better opportunities to do things and have things that I didn't have growing up. I want them to be better than I am and proud of it :)

** I am passionate about working hard. I am a big believer in earning what you have. I like the sense of accomplishment when I have worked really hard and it has paid off. And if it doesn't then I at least know that I gave it EVERYTHING that I could!

**Something else important to me (and by far not at the bottom of this list) is family, I am a very family oriented person, I stay at home and work at home so I can be with my kids to raise them well, and I love spending time with my mum, my sisters, and my partner's family.

5. thongs or burkenstocks? THONGS! I was once asked if I would wear thongs to the snow...

6. who was I before I had kids? I was a punk haha. Funny to admit it. I toured for a couple of years with a 
gcyfc touring team and was on my way to being an incredibly underpaid youth worker/counsellor at a local youth center which at the time was very important to me. I was also working hard, making music and playing at my local church where I played right up until 3 days before giving birth to my daughter! I am much the same person, I just have different priorities!

(valentines day on "tour")

7. Have I ever been arrested? No! But I have been questioned by police does that count?

8. this weekend I will... be heading up to bright to visit my partner's mother and her partner, the kids love going to granny's farm! and so do mummy and daddy, because granny loves to take the kids on long walks on her property and up the road to see horses and to pick chestnuts, leaving mummy and daddy time to sit on the porch, drink wine or beer and veg out without child for longer than 2 seconds! 

(playing on a walk with granny appropriate farm attire too! lol!)

One thing that I saw mentioned was how people met the love of their lives... now my story is soooo embarassing! I was bored, on the internet, and I met him on a very very sleazy chat site! haha! He lived in Victoria, I lived in Queensland and I was going through a MESSY separation with my ex (Ruth's dad). We chatted for months and months and became quite good friends, and then in my uni holidays he asked me to come visit for a break, he asked my mum to look after Ruth and off I went to meet this man on the other end of the country, who very well may have been an axe murderer, but at that time, I knew that there was something I needed to check out, nothing romantic, just friends... I SWEAR :P Pretty sure I was in love with him the moment I saw him when I got off the plane... lame hey??

3 months later we were together, long distance, despite both of our hesitation! And a few months after that I moved down to Melbourne to be with him. Very crazy, and much more detailed but thats the short version So glad I did meet him though, because his the perfect one for me, a little bit harsh, sometimes rude, and can be so so anoying! but gives the best cuddles and kisses, tells you that he loves you and gives the most amazing compliments, because you know he means them!

(just after we met)

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