Friday, June 18, 2010

A Pretty Little Pouch

I have been dying to make up a pouch with Toni's Zippered Pouch Tutorial. One of my daughter's friends turned 6 this week and she will be having her party tomorrow afternoon and Ruth wanted to give her a little pouch for her little things she has. (okay so I may have swayed her slightly :p ).

Anyway... so I did it! I made not only the zippered pouch, but I also did my first ever piece of patchworking on the front panel. Im very impressed and the hand embroidery was really like a breath of fresh air after all the sequining I have been doing for Ruth's Calisthenics costumes.

The front of the pouch, the back is a panel of the bird fabric you see on the right hand side here.

Close up of my embroidery. :) I really am a fan of stem stitch, ever since I learned to do it I always use it for lettering, I like how it hugs the curves.

The inside fabric is some floral print that I had laying around, I used it at Christmas time for some market dresses.

Anyway... So I was really impressed with the tutorial, it was very well explained and pictured :) and its such a fantastic little project to use up some of my scraps! Look out for more of these in the future!


Beetlehouse Designs said...

Looks great Amy. I just wrote you a huge post on EB, but I lost it. Anyway...looks fab. Well done.

Mrs. Spotts said...

Hi Amy, glad to see that you like birds. One will be flying your way from the USA soon...

Lorrie (your postcard swap friend)


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