Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Bird Garden Bibs, some better photos!

I thought it best I update you guys with some better photos of the new bibs that I finished off last week.

They are a generous size, perfect for newborn babies (as a pop over burp cloth) right through until toddlers who are moving to the self feeding stage and measure a generous 25cm x 50cm (approx).

The head hole is very generously sized, and I find that even my big boof head nearly 2 year old can fit his head into and through the hole with no squeezing or tugging on my part and with the ribbing being so soft it holds the bib on without gaping, but also without choking your baby.

All of my bibs are 100% cotton and are backed with cotton terry towelling with the front being an absolutely gorgeous 100% cotton print.

To grab one straight away, simply click the button below, there are only 8 of these left!

If you don't have a little girl, but still like the look of my bibs, jump over to the shop and have a look at some of our other prints available in this style of bib!

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