Monday, February 21, 2011


A lot of you might know (or not) about the Cloth Nappy Hunt that happens bi-annually here in Australia.

How it basically works is you register for the hunt and then during the month of March you hunt around sponsors' stores looking for the much coveted hunt icon and click on it. There are various prizes for collecting icons that are distributed daily. Basically you have to be the first person to find them all!

There are also LOTS of discounts on sponsors' websites to be had during the month of the hunt.

Anyway, the reason I am talking about the hunt? WeePantz has been approved as a sponsor for the hunt in March 2011. Hooray! So I will be donating a Red Minky AI2 Nappy as a prize as well as having 15% off store wide for hunters (you will receive a special code when the hunt starts if you are registered).

So head over to Diaper Decisions and register to hunt as the sponsors of the day (special pre-hunt hunting!) has begun today!! 

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