Friday, February 11, 2011

Market Prep Friday...

I feel like I am a day ahead of myself today as my market is tomorrow rather than on Sunday this week so I am busily cutting, snapping, sewing and re-threading.

Okay so the re-threading I am really procrastinating as I have to re-thread the upper looper on my over locker with Wooly Nylon... ugh not an easy task!

 (okay so it doesnt look like there are many bibs here, but trust me, there are!)

Ahh anyway... so I am busily preparing for the market tomorrow at Werribee Park. I have given the weather a stern talking to that it is not to rain tomorrow as I am doing my first outdoor market since November.

The Market is at Werribee Park, which is on K Road (its where the zoo and the werribee mansion are) and it runs from 9am til 2pm. The weather tells me that its going to be a lovely day too :)

So make sure you head on down to the market, there will be lots of beautiful handmade goodies on offer as well as some great specials at the WeePantz Stall!

See you there!

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