Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Info for Friday...

September is usually a big month for us. There's a few reasons, such as the nappy hunt, the cloth nappy expo in Casey, we come out of general hibernation as springtime hits and its more inviting to head to markets, and usually reusable nappy week is on during the month also. So in light of all of this, I thought, what a better time to celebrate and have decided to run a promotion for the month called Freebie Friday!

The basic idea of Freebie Friday is that you guys get free stuff! Not rocket science, but there are a few details to Freebie Friday that I thought I would outline...

On Freebie Friday, customers of WeePantz can get Free Stuff in 2 ways...

1. For every purchase on Fridays during September customers will receive a FREE GIFT! 
The gift will change each week, and will be limited to one per customer, per week. You may need to purchase a particular item to redeem your gift (e.g. buy a, AI2 nappy and receive a free extra booster etc)

2. I will also be giving away a FREE GIFT every Friday during the month of September also. 
The gift will change each week, and the winner will be drawn by my little miss 6yo out of a hat on Friday evenings at 6pm. To get an entry you simply have to buy something from WeePantz during that week or Sign up to our Newsletter during that week.

I'll announce on Wednesdays and then remind on Thursdays what the free gift will be and also what the giveaway will be.

All the Conditions:

Each week, the free gift and also the giveaway prize will be decided upon by Amy (that'd be me).

The free gift will only be redeemable on Fridays from 12.01am until 11.59pm.

The free gift will only be able to be redeemed once per week per customer ( no cheating guys! ) and will be automatically added to your order (you wont need to click a button etc)

The free gift draw will be conducted on Fridays at 6pm via being drawn from a hat and will be filmed and the video uploaded for viewing with the winner announcement.

The free gift draw can only be entered via the ways above. The free gift draw can be won by someone who has already purchased and redeemed a free gift from the store on that day.

I reserve the right to change the rules of the competition at any time during the month.

The free gift cannot be claimed by a known retailer of WeePantz products and cannot be resold at retail price for personal profit or gain.

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