Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yeah I'm sure a lot of you guys have lately been thinking this of me! I have actually been the opposite, VERY VERY BUSY. Which is my current excuse for not blogging, not sewing, and not being social in general. 

I recently moved on from my job at a great little coffee shop at one of the Universities and took on another "full time" job which I thought was going to help me out in the $$ department, but realized it just wasn't for me. So today I quit... yeah not in an absent minded moment, I do have another job to go to, which doesn't start for a couple of weeks so I will be spending next week being a house wife.

I am slightly excited about being a housewife for a week (not that I am a wife btw, yes, a dig at the Mr there!) I will hopefully get my cleaning, washing and folding finished and get to bake something at some point in time

Life at this point in time is exciting, scary and oh so empowering for me as I have said NO to one thing and welcomed a new chapter of life, which is lovely as I spend lots of my time going with the flow. I may even get some time to sew. I did buy the fabric for 2 new pairs of pants yesterday so I hope to get onto that once I have all of my orders up to date as I tried buying pants the other day and my LEGS ARE JUST WAY TOO DAMN LONG! I apologize for the offence but DAMN YOU SHORT PEOPLE!!

And so hence the new chapter begins, I am praying it is a happy one, with less stress and a lot more time for the things I love doing.

Happy, empowered and ready for whatever comes next!!


CurlyPops said...

Wishing you lots of luck with the new job!
PS - nice blog makeover - I haven't clicked over from my reader for a while.

Lauren xox said...

Don't damn the short (my category) damn the average - blah!


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