Sunday, November 8, 2009

Market Debrief...

Well, the market is over... It was a stifling hot 31 degrees in a non ventilated room with a glass ceiling. Oliver was hot and bothered but was so well behaved.

The positives?? Hmm I spoke to a lot of lovely people about cloth nappies. Gave out all of my business cards and the coffee stall was about 6m away. I only sold one nappy, but I think that the fact that I gave out ALL of my cards and added a few people to my mailing list makes it a positive.

I also met some other lovely crafty ladies as well. :)

So now that Im home, I have updated (and completely re designed) the website and now have it working just how I want it. As well as stocked up with market leftovers. Off to sew bibs tonight or tomorrow so that I can get my Christmas specials up and running. :) As well as make a few little dresses.

Okay, so now that's done, I also wrote my Christmas list. I made the decision to make handmade gifts this year for the children in our families. So there are a few of Novy's crayon rolls, a couple of sensory books, and a bunch of other handmade gifts on the to do list. I just hope I get it all done in time. Ahhh Im such a sucker for the constant deadline...

What are you making for Christmas??


Becky said...

Your stall looks wonderful! I keep changing my mind on the Christmas sewing... Must get organised soon or it will be too late.

Miss Amy said...

thankyou! I am the same... too many things to make, not enough time!


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