Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Cooking Lessons

One of the things I love to spend my time doing is cooking. I inherited my keen cooking ability from my gran who was the most amazing cook. Her offerings at afternoon tea were always divine and even making simple sandwiches for a party was a feat and she would make them deliciously interesting every time. She was always willing to lend her baking, sandwich making or simple cooking skills at any opportunity. I would love to get my hands on her recipes to be honest because the things she made were down right delicious and she did something to every dish that made it different to the cookbook. (I think this was the addition of love)

So one thing I hope to pass on to my daughter Ruth and hopefully Oliver as well is a love of cooking. Ruth has always enjoyed baking and we generally make muffins, cupcakes, cookies or muesli bars each week. But our oven is broken at the moment (oh isnt everything in our house?!) so she hasnt gotten to do much cooking of late.

Today I decided it was cooking day and I decided to make one of my favourite things, pasta. I didnt think Ruth would be interested as she was playing a silly matching game on my computer (mummy needed a break) but she came over and asked if she could help. What I thought would have been a hindrance was a fantastic bonding time for us, and Im so glad that she has begun to inherit from me what I inherited from my gran. She even said at one stage "Mummy, You are teaching me to cook, I am learning" which was a beautiful thing to hear.

rolling out the dough. one of our favourite parts

the pasta waiting to be cooked. mmm it looks delicious doesnt it?

the finished product.
Chicken, mushroom and parmesan tortolini with creamy pumpkin and baby spinach sauce. (My own recipe)

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