Monday, February 1, 2010

A Very Special Day

Today was a certain little princess' first day at school. We awoke at 6am, yes very very early and then started the day. Got ready for school and off we went along with the other hundreds of preppies for their first day at school.

Ruth ready to go to school, complete with hat that is the size of a flying saucer and backpack she could fold in half and fit inside...

getting out of the car ready to walk around the block to school. I think the question she asked me was "muuum, why do you have to take so many photos of me??!!??"

doing puzzles with some of her kinder friends from last year (who have been cropped out for privacy purposes)

It was a very exciting morning for my little princess and a very emotional one for her mother. I was a complete cot case, but thats okay, I think all the mums were slightly emotional about their babies growing up. They did, however, all look incredibly cute in their school uniforms!!

So its reduced hours for the first week and no wednesdays for a month, but I am already planning my school hours as being major sewing project hours!! (yes thats right, the emotional Amy didnt really last very long, I immediately started thinking of craft in true sew-a-holic style...)

 I am super excited about not having to get snacks for a 4 year old who has hollow legs every 5 minutes. I'll just have to deal with my other little charge who loves sitting on top of the fabric and patterns as I am cutting or tracing...

Until next time...

Amy xo

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