Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As most of you know, I started my little cloth nappy and baby couture business about a year ago. Actually on Feb 9th it will be exactly 12 months!! WOW TIME FLIES!!

With the recent development of lovely girly nappies, dresses and other secret squirrel things that I just cant mention yet (which are girly), a need as risen for a female model for WeePantz.

So here's where the competition comes into it...

I am looking for entries of little girls with PERSONALITY!!

The little girl will need to live in Melbourne and be with a parent who is willing to travel for a photo shoot (only in the Melbourne and greater Melbourne area, we arent talking woop woop here so its all good).

The little girl will need to be smaller than a size 2.

The winning little girl will recieve for her efforts of being in the photo shoot:--

**one set of clothing that will be worn during the photo shoot as well as any nappies she wears on the day.
**reimbursement of petrol for travelling to and from the photoshoot from their home. (as organised by myself and the parent)
**as many of the photos from the shoot as desired.

To Enter...

Email Me with your expressed interest and a picture of your little girl attached. Also... post a comment on here. :-)

Entries will close on Tuesday the 9th of February 2010 at 5pm EDST and a winner decided upon by Friday the 12th of February. The photo shoot date will be subject to availability of both myself and the winner.

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