Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning in May and I am FREEZING!!

Yesterday I went to the Market. It was a beautiful day out, not a cloud in the sky and lots of people around to say hello to! I am loving my new permanent spot and the neighbours that come with it. Its lovely!

Anyway, yesterday morning as I drove all the way to Abbotsford, which in actual fact is not that far, but I will insist on revelling that my children are 30 minutes away and I cannot hear them whining and fighting bless their little cotton socks. I love them, but my goodness I love the break  I get on Sundays when I'm at the market! So as I drove there, I was very quickly reminded by the radio that it was 6 degrees outside and I thought, my goodness, that is cold, thankfully I have my scarf in my handbag and a couple of jumpers on!

As the time wore on it did eventually warm up although I am unsure if that was just because I was rushing around putting up market tents and trying to get people to come out of the sunshine to look at my beautiful nappies. But it did strike me that perhaps I was going to need to acquire a coat for winter. 

So this morning as I sat sipping my morning wake up cup of bushells (the extra strong ones, and forget one teabag, 2 bags left to brew is a far better cup of tea that your spoon might just stand up in), I did some blog lurking and came across this coat that The Selfish Seamstress has been working on. And I thought now if I use some lovely warm fabrics, that coat would be PERFECT for winter! Off I trekked, no time to chat after school drop off with my friends, I was off to Spotlight to get THAT PATTERN and some suitable warm fabrics to make something for ME for once! (meanwhile the pants I started 2 months ago are still sitting in the naughty corner after the waistband needed redrafting because it was wrong!)

Wool Blend black flannel suiting and some cute little birdies for lining. Who says kids get all the nice sweet fabrics??!!

McCall 5525 D is the plan with the longer sleeves from the E view (I'm tall and require very long sleeves!)

The buttons. I was considering some more boring ones but I thought, if I wanted a black coat with boring buttons I could go to Kmart! 

Over ambitious? possible, the result of freezing my bottom to a chair at the markets? definitely!! So my fabrics are washing, my car is ready to be unpacked and the sewing room is screaming to me to get in there and set it back up to sew. Wish me luck!! I will probably need it ;) I also have to decide which size to make, I am considering a size up so layers can be worn underneath.

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