Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pattern Frustration

Okay so my jacket is coming along swimmingly, but for the moment, is at a standstill so I can get a few nappies sewn otherwise the store will be empty on store stocking! The coat is NOT the source of my frustration.

Quite a while ago, I downloaded the coffee date dress pattern from Burda Style. This dress is really cute and I am was looking forward to making it for myself. I went out yesterday and bought some lovely grey fabric which I will team with a black sash, Im not really a bright colours person. I prefer my black, grey, navy, white and like to accentuate with the occasional splash of colour with accessories. My lovely boyfriend tells me it is because I am emo.... (yes I used to be in a rock band).

Anyway, back to the source of my frustration... prior to printing the pattern I decided to have a quick look at the sizing chart. Let me paste a copy of it here for you for reference...

Women's Size Chart

Burda size3234363840
US Size02468
Back Length
Sleeve length
Neck width
Side leg length
Front waist length
Bust point
Upper arm circumference

Okay so the source of my frustration? I thought for sure I would be a 40.. that would give me lots of room for my 
height, I am a size 14 in Australia.

Height... apparently everyone is 168cm... yeah I am 180cm tall... what about all those supermodels out there Burda style?!?!

and apparently i am a few cm too big around the bust, waist and all for size 40. I am not sure why... I was under the impression that a size 40 was equivalent to a size 20 not a size 12! I am so confused! I have seen women who are larger than me (especially in the bust) in dresses that they have made from this pattern... 

So now... I have to print the pattern and then add 12cm in length... to be tall enough! I wouldnt think that a size 14 is an unreasonable size to cater for... and perhaps I am too tall to wear nice clothes after all... 

I will not let this conquer me though... I will alter the pattern and it will look awesome on me... you just wait and see.

So the question is... do I print out the pattern and just HOPE that it fits or do I do a whole revamp of the pattern?

Ahh what is a girl to do??

Edited to add:
After much deliberation I have re looked at the pattern and it goes up to a size 42. Which is equivalent to my measurements and an Australian size 14. So we will cross our fingers. I will check out the length when I have finished printing the pattern and perhaps add to it from there. No doubt I would have to add length anyway as running and bending to pick up a 2 year old is really un lady like things to be doing and therefore not short dress activities!

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