Friday, August 20, 2010

Crazy Costumes and other stuff...

Okay so I've made no secret for my new disgust for lycra. I have been making costumes for my daughter's calisthenics. To be honest, most of the costumes were done and I had to simply sequin (insert shudders here) and finish them. 

One I had to make from scratch. It was without doubt a nightmare. Id never sewn with lycra before, much less made a body suit and to be honest, had the costume simply been a body suit, it would have been not so bad. But yes, we have to make things sparkly, and beautiful.

I must say that I have NOT come to an agreement with lycra, I still hate it and hope that I never have to sew it again. (we all know that with a little girl who wants to dance this is in no way a reality). I just hope next time it will be easier.

I can take solace that my darling daughter looks incredibly cute in her little outfit and that is what makes this project worth it for me.

I can also be glad that the judges are a LONG way away and wont be able to see my dodgy stitching in places.

I will be able to post photos of all of the costumes on Monday as her first comp is on Sunday! I am so so excited for her, she is going to have an amazing time, and she tells me that I am going to see "the best dancing you have ever seen mummy" and I am sure I will. And Im sure she will see the proudest mummy in the whole room when she gets up on the stage... I may cry... whoops!!


CurlyPops said...

I have the utmost admiration for anyone who tackles lycra!

jennifer said...

Looking forward to the photos. I didn't realise it was green. Do you get to keep it?


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