Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little Ray of Sunshine...

Here at our place we have been dreaming of being warm. (well at least I have!) We are looking forward to the icy weather leaving us and having some beautiful spring weather. I don't know if this year I am being extra sooky about the cold, but I really just can not wait for it to be over. 

We had sleet yesterday... it was raining and I could see fine ice falling onto my back windows. VERY cold for late August!!

Anyway... In an attempt to make myself feel like spring, I have been sewing up some new nappies for the shop. So today's post is about all things YELLOW!! Now as per usual, my nappies all have a 4 x 450gsm bamboo soaker pad sewn in along with a gorgeous soft micro fleece interior to keep bottoms dry. All Images are of Small Nappies. For the sizing chart, click over here. 

Firstly, the much anticipated Yellow Basics. They are just so bright :) As per usual with my basics range they have the plain PUL outer layer and then the usual nappy components as stated above. So it might be a "basic" nappy, but its definitely catching everyone's eye!

Yellow Minkee! I have a bunch of yellow Minkee here too, so I will be adding this as a Spring feature to the website, and sending off some to my new stockists. (which you will hear about tomorrow I think!) There's a hidden layer of PUL on this one to keep that wet stuff (and the messy stuff too) INSIDE the nappy :) Can't you just picture your little girl with this poking out from under her skirt? I simply can not resist a fluffy bottom so so cute!

And just for some boredom busting for myself, I made up 2 small ones of this nappy on Saturday. It is made from scraps so there wont be any more of this nappy in the very close future. So snap it up straight away I say!! 
This nappy is super fluffy with the giraffe Minkee around back/wings section and is beautiful and bright with yellow Minkee for the main colour. Better watch out too, Master Olly has his eye on this one. Its too small for him, but he keeps attempting to steal it from the box, and also kept taking it when I was photographing it. Its the perfect little boy fluffy bottom nappy :)
I am simply in LOVE with yellow at the moment. Can you tell? It is reminding me of warmth, sunshine and beautiful flowers! And my addiction to nappies is evident with the amount of beautiful fluffy stuff that is being produced at the moment. Although, there's nothing wrong with being in love with cloth nappies I reckon, much better for the planet, and so much more comfortable for babies than a plastic one!

I will have these nappies in the shop as of tonight. I am doing a bunch of website revamping today along with finishing off costumes for my darling daughter's very FIRST calisthenics comp so make sure you stay tuned, listings should be up by 8.30 :)

Edit... okay so feral kids and a flat camera battery means they will be up tomorrow. :) 

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Kate said...

Oh yeah, that yellow looks all sunny and happy.
Hope you sell lots of them.


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