Friday, December 10, 2010

Market Prep Day...

Today is my final day of prep for the Fairy Floss Market in Doncaster tomorrow, so I am madly racing around between the many jobs I need to finish. 

I have sewn together a bunch of AI2 shells and am currently overlocking the soaker pads. I am amazed at how much quicker it is to make an AI2 nappy, I definitely would be packing it if I had all AIO's to make before tomorrow!!

I am also racing back and forth from the fabric shelf... surely I can throw together one more designer combination before tomorrow right?? right???

We will see, I want to do some more unisex nappies as I feel like everything is pretty much girl or boy orientated.

Anyway, must get back to work, lots to do! lots to do! Make sure you head into the market tomorrow and have a look around, there are just the most beautiful products at this market, if anything, I just love going there to drool!!

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