Friday, March 26, 2010


Something Non-Nappy Related! Nappies (cute little balls of fluff that they are) have taken over my sewing room lately. There are random bits of nappy everywhere, I really need more storage so it doesn't look like a bomb has hit that room!!

Anyway, I have been this week doing some other sewing. Having a week off from WeePantz so that I can get some other sewing done. I have half finished a pair of jeans, well its more like 2/3 finished but yes im angry at them. And have been invited to a few parties (well DD has been invited,, im just her hanger on). I thought (as every sew-a-holic does) that I would make the presents.

My friend's little girl is turning 4 and she is apparently cooking mad. So I made her this apron.



I used See & Sew Pattern #4585 for the basic shape but didn't really follow the instructions as I (as usual) had an image in my head of what I wanted to make and the pattern was just giving me a leg up so I didn't have to draft. Yep! Completely LAZY!!

So I used the basic shape from the pattern left the front pocket off (little kids don't need a pocket on their apron, it gets filled with so many useless bits of crap, oh hang on that happens to grown up aprons too :-p) I used some very thin batting in the middle and then backed it with the sage cotton lawn. 

Also, instead of using D rings for the neck strap I used velcro. I was tempted to use snaps, but the snap press was packed away at the time, so I reached for the closest possible fastening equipment that wasn't a zip.

And then for the final touch...

...I embroidered her name.

For the embroidery stitching I used Kirsty's version of stem stitch which I DID find so easy to do thanks Kirsty!! 

I am really pleased with how this turned out. I have no "oh dear that didn't work out the way I imagined it" moments and it came together really easily. I really hope she (and her mummy) likes it!

Now off to make a batman/generic super hero costume! I have made the black cape and had one go at making a batman mask (complete disaster!). This is for a little boy that DD goes to school with. Who is having a party on the same day. AHH to be 4 and the most popular girl in prep... 

In a few weeks we are attending a dress up party so that will be fun for mummy, might have to start that costume now!! haha!!  Also got to start to make things for DD's 5th birthday party in a few weeks... so much fun... so much work and most of all... SO MUCH SEWING!! good thing Id rather be doing nothing else... :-)

Until next time readers... might be sooner than we think, perhaps I will successfully make a beautiful batman mask and want to show it off, or my jeans will start behaving themselves!!

Amy :-)


Carmie said...

Wow you HAVE been busy!!

Miss Amy said...

I think the entire thing took an hour... the jeans on the other hand are back in the naughty corner, the pattern is buggered and I have to redraft vogue's stuff up... NOT HAPPY JAN!!

Little Munchkins said...

The apron looks great! I am sure she will love it.


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