Thursday, March 18, 2010

L'orel Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010

How very exciting! I have been informed that this Sunday at the Shirt and Skirt Market in Abbotsford that stall holders will be taking part in what is being described as an Open Studio as a part of the L'orel Melbourne Fashion Festival. 

I am slightly nervous, but incredibly excited as I will have people coming to ask my inspiration and also asking for demonstrations of how I make my products. Its slightly difficult to take a sewing machine to an outdoor market with no plug in power, so I will take some hand sewing and also some other "evolution of weepantz nappies" stuff, nappies in stages etc.

Anyway, Lots of stall holders will be taking part in this event, so please come along and have a look and also become incredibly jealous of others' sewing abilities (I always become jealous, every month). Also, come and Say hello.

Also, I am sponsoring a give away over on the nappy spot so head over, enter the giveaway, and you might just win yourself a new nappy!

Anyway, off to the land of nod after hanging out incredibly stained school uniforms, whoever invented a white uniform for prep students was obviously not in charge of the washing!!

Until next time...



Carmie said...

How did it go?

Miss Amy said...

went okay. THanks for asking :)


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