Monday, March 8, 2010

Market Wrap Up!

What a wonderful day we all had at the market yesterday in Williamstown!

We all woke up to rain and the aftermath of the storm the night before. Not thinking that the market would be very exciting at all, but the rain stopped, the sun came out and the mud smell.... well it kinda stuck around, but we forgot about it with the beautiful sunshine that beamed down on us all afternoon.

What's more, I had lots of lovely people come and say hello, learn lots about cloth nappies, commend me on my "style" and tell me about their little bundles that are coming along. And for the first time, we had a very successful market. Up until now, I've been selling small amounts, breaking even etc. but we have had our first success! :-) 

I sold about half of my stock and had a few wholesale enquiries and recommendations which I will be following up after the long weekend. 

So now, busy lady again, markets on this Sunday as well! So once my snaps arrive tomorrow I will be into the 30 odd nappies that I have cut and ready to be finished with snaps, elastic etc etc. But I will attempt to not be silent... :)

Anyway... finally, I will leave you all with some photos of my stall yesterday, we were right down on the street edge on Nelson Place in Williamstown, so it was a beautiful view and I dare say... I think I got a tan... not a usual thing for me!

Forgiveness readers... this photo was taken after I had already sold alot of stuff. I was selling as soon as the nappies came out!!

Until next time! 

Amy :-)

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