Monday, July 19, 2010

Ahh A Day off...

Well.. today is SUPPOSED to be my day off. I have to clean the house, the sewing monster in me has ignored the cleaning for far too long and it has become quite a mess! I have some great ideas floating around in my little head for some new nappies and have some fabric arriving today so that I will have enough microfleece and bamboo to make them! I have also worn out yet another dye set on my snap press! I must be making alot more nappies this year than I was last year!

Anyway... so today is cleaning day. We wont call it a day off, because really, cleaning isnt fun, and days off are supposed to be fun! Tomorrow I am heading into Brunswick to the ANN meet that we have monthly there. Lots of lovely clothies getting together, we have a coffee (or tea etc) and a snack and the kids play. We have a small discussion about a chosen topic and then generally try to coax our children into leaving the miriad of toys that are there. It is great, and all are welcome!

Nappy Network Meet - 10.30am - 12 midday (ish)
Brunswick Baptist Church Hall (its down the back!)
491 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC.

I will have the nappy kit there if anyone wants to have a looksie!

I think I also might head over to the fabric store afterwards if I have time. I saw a poster for it on my way back from the market yesterday (which we got blown away from by the way!!) and I think I might check it out. :) They sell bamboo fabrics.. I wonder if they have fleece??!?? See I am having fabric dreams from the store before Ive been there!

Oh and good news... I have finished sequining one of the outfits for callisthenics. I am super excited about this! now to finish the rest of the costumes by August 22nd. EEK!!!!!

Anyway... better get back to my cleaning day... I hope you are all having a wonderful day too! :)

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Toria said...

Remember those fun days before children when you actually got to relax & have fun on your day off? Thank you for the comment on my blog the other day, I'm glad the tute was useful. I haven't been keeping up with new cloth nappy makers lately, you have some cute designs.


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