Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Creative Space

Today my space is on my bed curled up with a hot cup of tea and fabric that I am cutting out for appliqué.

Its a lovely snuggly escape from the kids who are driving me INSANE with the school holidays on and Olly getting his first 3 molars all at the same time. 

I have also this week completed a couple of tasks. Oh you lovely readers probably thought I had been kidnapped or something... well in some description I was probably kidnapped by my sewing machine. I have a market this Sunday so its all stations go with the mass sewing spree!

I have finally completed the first batch of wet bags for the shop . Mind you, with the lack of computer time around here lately I haven't had time to upload them to the actual store, but you can view all of the designs on my facebook page.

I also took part in a stitched postcard swap recently, this is a scanned image of the front of my card. It was my first ever stitched postcard, and I am SUCH an ametuer when it comes to hand stitching and hand appliqué. But I really enjoyed it so much and will probably complete some more stitched post cards in the future. I will do a post about the swap when my card arrives. It is coming from the USA so it might take a little while to get here :)

Anyway, so lots happening here, I am also working on costumes for Ruthie's callisthenics costumes, but I wont be able to show photos of those until after the first competition I don't think. Just the rules. But they are very involved and I do believe I HATE sequins and also Lycra in general. But they are really going to look great when I finally get them finished.

Once again I do apologise for my long gaps between posts. I am spending so much time at the sewing machine that when I'm not there, I am generally feeding the children, at the gym or cleaning my house which most of the time even when cleaned up looks like a small atomic bomb hit it with the kids pulling the toys out as soon as I put them away!

Until next time... I'm hoping it wont be such a long gap this time!

Now I'm off to stop whining about my un-updated website and update it!!!! For more creative spaces head over here

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