Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Creative Space

Its been a while since I joined in, school holidays are a massive drain on my computer time, I dont get much done online but nevertheless I AM back!!

This week I finished setting up some shelving in my sewing room. This means that the space is looking SLIGHTLY less cluttered. I am thinking that I need at least one more set of shelves before the place is going to start looking organsied. Or perhaps I need to finish sewing up all of the nappies that are cut out and sitting on the shelves in pieces!!

The two sets of shelves I put against the wall stacked to the top with fabric, notions, half assembled nappies and patterns. You can see the nappies all over the ironing board (all sewn up now though!)

This rack was against the wall where the shelves now are. I love it against here it opens the room up soooo much! You can see all of the callisthenics costumes that I am working on. 5 in total for this girl! I might officially be able to say that I hate sequins. You can also see some fabric hanging on a hanger, I intend to do this with all of my dress, quilting and denim fabrics to free up space. I still have a massive pile of fabric sitting on the bed (my sewing room doubles as the spare room) to be sorted and this is how I will be storing it for ease of finding it and accessing it.

Ive also been spending alot of time playing dressups and getting all kinds of loving looks from the little man :)

Until next time... More creative spaces here

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Sam said...

looks like a bit of crazy fun :)

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