Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stitched Post Card Swap

A little while ago I signed up to participate in a stitched post card swap over at Beth Nicholls' Blog The theme was "time"

For me, this was a very hard topic, I so wanted to let my creative juices flow, but having a theme made it very hard for me.. Perhaps I, Like Bing Crosby am singing "don't fence me in". Or when I am fenced in I get a massive amount of creative plague... it all dies a sudden death!

So after umming and ahhing for 2 of the 3 weeks I had to make the card, I finally opted to do a clock. I so wasnt going to do a clock. For me, it was stereotypical!! I didnt want to be stereotypical but the other ideas I had were unfortunately slightly too difficult for my level of hand sewing, and I decided to go with the clock. Quote beside, and make it look great, rather than a half baked attempt at something awesome that turned into a massive FLOP! 

So after my indecision lead me to the decision, this was my final product....

I am actually very impressed with myself because I did ALL of it by hand, no machine here people... I rocked it old school with a needle and thread and impressed myself LOADS!! And really enjoyed myself being social sitting in front of the telly and watching tv with the other half whilst being productive :) Something I wish I could do more of!

The quote I chose was "dont count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count" this is something I struggle with, my umming and ahhing generally leads to alot of procrastination around here! Something I had drummed into me when I was a missionary was being a good steward of my time... lets just say it works sometimes!! I think making every hour in the day count was also something that became very important to me during the timeless mayhem that was the hell of my post natal depression I suffered after having my son. So it is a quote near to my heart.

My postcard went off to SVM from over here. and travelled all the way over to New York :)

I received a very lovely card from Mrs Spots

Enclosed was a lovely little note saying that balancing time is her biggest problem... seems we are in a similar state of mind, and chose similar themes for our cards! :) I love the bird, Im forever attempting to draw one of these for the back of nappies but the shape just evades me somehow. I cant get it right! and the use of the selvedge of some fabric (I have so much of that laying around and have no idea what to do with it all!) was a great idea.

Thanks so much for my card, I loved it. Thanks to Beth for organising the swap too, I haven't done a swap for such a long time and this really broadened my horizons and taught me that my skills as a hand sewer have come such a long way (even though I have a long way to go!). I had FUN doing this, it was great!


Kate said...

That is such a great swap. I love the one you sent and the one you received. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy

Loved reading about your thought process, and that you totally 'rocked the old school techniques'! You did indeed - all by hand? Wow!

Thanks so much for joining in

svm said...

hello amy,

apologies for delaying my response to your lovely card. i was on vacay last week! here it finally is--enjoy!



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