Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

Today, as I mentioned yesterday, I am being lazy and enjoying my beautiful kids.

I got to sleep in until midday!! 

I never sleep in, and when I do I am usually up by 9, but I am so refreshed and grateful that I got a lovely rest. In fact I am still in my pyjamas.

I got presents as well which was nice.

So when I rose from my beauty sleep, I received 2 beautiful cards made by the kids while I was sleeping and a few little things that Miss 6yo got me from the mothers day stall at school.

I have also made muffins.

I was sitting on twitter earlier and there was the mention of baking and I thought... mmm cold, rainy, horrible day. I can either sit here underneath the heater vent or make muffins and stand next to the oven for a bit, making muffins with the kids won. They are a bit extra brown as mummy was distracted. They have just gotten out of the oven now and I am currently deciding whether I will eat one as I have been on a diet since November. Surely Mothers Day is a day to eat a muffin right??

Now I am just sitting down to eat my muffin, watch Harry Potter movies with the kids, and attempt to stay in my PJs for the rest of the day. Hope your Mothers Day is wonderful.

Amy xo

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