Sunday, May 29, 2011

Product Feature - Wetbags

I have been busy working on a wetbag design for a while now. It's taken me a while to pull my finger out on this one but at the beginning of the year I made one for Master 2yo to take with him to daycare so that they could put a whole days' worth of nappies in there to go home to be washed. 

I have always designed my products on things that I cannot live without. 

My nappies were designed to hold more wee than the other nappies I had tried with my son as he simply outwet EVERYTHING. They were also designed to be really simple to use and importantly, DAD FRIENDLY. I followed this with an All In Two design coming onto my site late last year to assist with the drying time of cloth nappies in Melbourne Winters. 

My bibs were my son's clothing's saviour during the beginning of the self-feeding stage. As they covered so much more surface area than any other bib I had tried using!

Now back to the wetbags.... I LOVE THESE WETBAGS!! I seriously would be lost without them and definitely would be using far too many plastic shopping bags for my dirty nappies (very smelly as plastic shopping bags don't seal very well!).

The wetbag design works wonderfully and importantly, can be used whether I am out for 1 nappy change or for an entire day. I think that maybe they might be the most practically sized wetbag on the market (but then again I am very very biased!)

I send these off to daycare and they hang it on a hook next to the toilet in the nappy change area ready for the staff to put my son's dirty nappies in ready to be taken home to be washed at the end of each day and being a basic plain PUL fabric, the wetbag dries really quickly, so I can hang it out on the line, clothes horse, or even over the back of a chair to dry and in the morning it is always ready to go. I also have a cotton panel sewn on the front of my wetbag that I write my son's name on so that when the childcare is overrun with cloth  nappy users, they can tell who's is who's. (Enter the cloth nappy revolution I am ready!)

They are really easy to fold up and pop into your handbag as well which for me is always important, as I never take a nappy bag with me ANYWHERE anymore unless we are going out all day.

And speaking of all day...

I can go out for an entire day and the wetbag is always big enough. In the images above there are 7 small sized nappies inside the bag with enough room to fit one or two more in at a squeeze. So with nappy size being relative to how many nappies generally are used in a day (you go through more newborn nappies in a day as your newborn goes through more nappies than a toddler who might be wearing the large size) they are most definitely a must have for every cloth nappy user.

So now that the website is all stocked up, and ready to go be sure to head over and grab your essential weepantz wetbag and never carry around lots of little plastic bags again!

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