Thursday, May 5, 2011


A little update on what's been going on around WeePantz H.Q. lately. 

I have been very busy sewing nappies for the stocking that I had on the website the other day. (of which there is still stacks of stock left **hint hint**). 

I've made a bit of this...

and this...

And have added a few more basics colors to the regular range.

 I've been spending alot of time being mummy, making lots of coffee at my "other job" and also doing HEAPS of markets. Although the May market scene for me will be quiet as I'm going to suss out some new markets that I might like to attend for the coming months, and also work on building up my stock levels and attempting to increase my website sales and focus on stocking up some of my wholesalers.

It's also "that time" of the year again with loads of calisthenics costumes to make for the little miss and I am helping out a couple of the other mums this year with their costumes as well (I'm hoping to do a sneaky peek on some of the stuff I'm up to with that later).

So head on over to the site, and give me a reason to keep sewing nappies and bibs and get yourself some gorgeous WeePantz Products to put on your bub. 

If you have any questions about my products, or simply about cloth nappies in general, drop me a line here.

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