Monday, August 3, 2009

Okay so the much anticipated market photos have gone by the way side as I was in a horrid mood today. But I did however find some beautiful pics to cheer me up! enjoy the nostalgia as I did...

I used to be a part of a band and here are a couple of photos I found before. The one on the left is of me and my good friend Spol pretending to be sleeping and clapping hands. We had a strange connection us two! The right hand photo is of me and Jo. Ahhh Jo, he works in an onion factory in Tassie now I do believe. But yes, here I am doing air guitar. Very important :D

I also found some photos that were taken by a friend of mine of me and my little girl Ruth when she was just 4 weeks old. Awww she is soooo tiny!! Love her to bits!! THIS is my good friend who took the photos.
ok so hopefully we will be back to our normal sewing programming tomorrow.

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