Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Okay so blogging whilst on Holiday turned out to be quite difficult! My sister and I were too busy gabbling to each other like little kids and never came up for air! Was a wonderful and warm holiday (too warm at times) and the kids and I are both glad to be home!

I have been sewing fitted night nappies for my next market and store stocking and am currently testing the design on a couple of bubs :) So off to spotlight today to buy yet more flanell as it is incredibly cheap there at the moment! I will be back later with a sneaky peek of what colours I have. So far I have only used traffic fabric and I want to get some girly colours!

I've also added to my to do list some fabric boxes to keep all my stuff in as I need more storage for nappies and also for fabric!

So until later when I have photos to make you all drool...

Amy xo

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