Friday, August 7, 2009

Whoops! Missed another day!

We have arrived in Brisbane for our holiday. Ruth and Oliver are VERY tired today as we spent the day yesterday out at lunch with my mum and sisters. We also went out late to buy our groceries and Oliver is getting a tooth meaning that he was up MOST of the night and its still not through. Hopefully we can get some rest tonight cos I am dying from exhaustion!

Anyway, nothing sewing related today. My mum is bringing me her sewing machine and Overlocker over later this afternoon so that I can make my sister a few fitted nappies for her new bub. :)

So hopefully the sewing withdrawal ends tonight! haha. Im also going to make apricont chicken for dinner tonight. I might make it in the oven soooooo delicious!!!!!

Until tomorrow...

Amy xo

1 comment:

Little Munchkins said...

Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays! What wouldn't I give to be in's so cold here today.


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