Friday, October 30, 2009

Op Shopping Wonderness!

I went to the local Vinnies today to have a look at what they had in ways of shirts that I could convert into tops for me. I walked out with much more as they had some great things there!! I could have bought oh so much more but I thought Id best leave that to another day.

The stash I got from vinnies. Theres 3 shirts that I will be turning into tops for me and 2 pillow cases that I thought were cool.

Sewing patterns.

A kids yarn and knitting book.

A dressmaking book. Its pretty old school but Im sure I will learn something. The basics cant have changed that much!

Some Disney books. There were heaps, I will be going back for more!

So a pretty awesome stash. I am off to make a top now! (Well after dinner is cooked of course!)

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