Monday, October 19, 2009

It is a beautiful, sunny, non-windy day here in Melbourne today! Shock horror! So I told Ruth that we could head down to the park with her scooter and play on the play equipment there. Its only a block away but we had to stop 3 times because Ruth was getting worn out on the scooter. But she had an excellent time scooting down there, around the footpaths, up and down hills at the park and home again.

I took some beautiful photos of the kids while we were down at the park and I just had to share them with my friends in blog land. Mainly cos I am uber proud of how beautiful the children I produce are! **hint of cheekiness there**

I also recieved an e-mail from a market here in Melbourne that runs in Brunswick and St Kilda to invite me to fill in at their special teeny tiney kids and baby market on the 7th of November. I graciously accepted the offer and will confirm my place this week. Very exciting for me to be thought of in a time of need and I am very glad that my bamboo fleece and snaps arrived today in time to make up a stack of new nappies before the 7th.

You will all no doubt grow tired of hearing of my nappy sewing efforts over the next 2 weeks but I might try to squeeze in some other stuff as well so we will see. I want to make myself a top out of some lovely white fabric I have here its a little bit stretchy and a little bit slinky, I will post the top when its done. :D

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