Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Creative Space

Okay So I have decided to play along with "My Creative Space" from kootooyoo. So what's happening in my creative space this week? Hmm lots of nappy sewing ahead of the market next weekend.

A little sneaky peek there. This is one of the designs I have been working on. Its been really rewarding to be working on something different. Hopefully the market goers like my new creativeness!!

I am also going out one night on the weekend one of my friends' bands is playing in Docklands so I have decided to make a top. Here is the fabric and buttons I have bought to be my embellishments.

They are hot pink. Such a beautiful colour. I have a weakness for all things pink. I was actually considering getting rid of the buttons and making a red "under bust" belt so that I could wear my red heels. But then I got the buttons out to take the photo and thought "no way I love these buttons too much!". So, alas I will have to forgoe the red heels this time. Perhaps I will have to go buy some hot pink ones!! Who knows, I might change my mind again by the time the top is done.

Ruth has also been spending some time in HER creative space this week. She loves to make things. (Don't have any idea where she got that from!) But here is a photo of her being creative in her own space, cutting up magazines and stickytaping them onto paper (because mummy couldnt find the glue).

Okay so Im gonna stop bragging and go back to sewing. It keeps me out of trouble. HEE HEE!


Amanda said...

OOOH it is so cute..Great job and your daughter is just darling!!

Kirsty said...

We can never find the glue either...I wonder what that's all about.

Happy sewing.

Aussie-waffler said...

Like mama, like daughter ? Isn't it nice to be creating together. Hope you have a great night out.

inkcaravan said...

Looks like your poppet is in the zone, bless her. Pink or red, either will be fab I'm sure. : )
~ Alisa


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