Sunday, October 18, 2009

This week has been quite productive nappy-wise. I have been doing alot of embroidery on minkee for a new market we have applied to attend next month. More on that another day, but I thought I would share a photo of a sneak peek of what I have been up to as I haven't done a sewing post for a long time!
I assure you, sewing has been happening and I have actually aquired a sewing room (kicked my son out of the nursery and moved him into his own bedroom) and I have been attempting to prove to my lovely partner that I need the space. Although this wasnt questioned anyway!

In my new sewing room I have made Oliver a shirt (sans buttons, so it is still technically classed a WIP) and have been attempting to make a shirred dress for Ruth, which, to this moment I have not completed because I have been too distracted doing embroidery on nappies!
So here's a little sneak peek of my little embroidery/applique that I have been working on, I have finished 2 other ones of this, it is the second last one (there will be 4) and the stabilizer is still on top with my guide lines on it for ease of stitching. But You get a slight idea...

It is quite difficult to do embroidery to a sellable quality on a normal machine (or freehand as some people call it), so this week I have also been looking at embroidery machines and it has been added to my Christmas / Birthday wishlist. But Im happy now that I have figured out a good process to use whilst doing embroidery and applique and have found that tear away stabiliser was a FANTASTIC investment as well as some spray on adhesive and ironing my fabric as I go. As the old (revised) saying goes, practise makes better!
I couldnt go an entire post without showing you some sneaky picture of my kids which I have taken recently. The other day I bought Oliver his first toothbrush because he now has 4 teeth (which he popped out in 3 days much to his disgruntled, exhausted parents' disgust) and I caught Ruth teaching him how to use it. So beautiful and a lovely candid moment caught on film (or on memory card, although film sounds much better and alot more nostalgiac)

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