Monday, October 26, 2009

Well! I've madly been been sewing nappies for this market and I aim to complete 6 by the end of today.... we'll see, we'll see... my poor little boy had to go get his head glued together at 3am this morning after falling off my bed and hitting his head on the bedside table.


So its been a fairly clinggy day today, as he has had a sore head. Poor little dude.

I did manage to get some sewing time in though thankfully. And among other things, I completed my train that Ive been making. Well its pretty much completed, I have to fix the wheels as they are slightly dodgy, but it looks a treat in real life. Please excuse my dodgy phone photography, I need to empty the flash card on the didgital camera....

So back to sewing, oh and cuddling a sore little boy...

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