Monday, April 19, 2010

First time in Cloth

This is my nephew. I gave my sister a few nappies that I had made that I had stuffed up the snaps on. I am definitely planning a bunch more of these nappies in the future because the train looks so cute! I was pretty excited when my sister put this nappy on and said she couldn't wait to get some WeePantz without defective snaps! 

I'm pretty particular about what I sell, something I learned through my boss prior to having kiddies. We always had to throw out things that were the slightest bit not perfect or the same as everything else. This attitude earned my boss a fantastic reputation of producing a quality product every time. This is the kind of reputation that I want to acquire. So generally things that can be beautiful in one sense and not 100% perfect in another get thrown out.... or in this case either added to my own nappy stash or my sisters'!!!!

Have a happy day! I am excited because its nearly post day with new fabric!!!!!!! very exciting!

1 comment:

Kate said...

That train is the cutest! What a great idea!


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