Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Musketeer Madness

As per my previous post, I was requested by my beautiful daughter to make her a Barbie musketeer outfit for a fancy dress party on Friday night. So on Thursday I started sewing, I had been planning until that point so I wasn't completely disorganised! Just a little bit hee hee.

The Pattern I used was Burda 2463. I only really used the bodice pattern for this, and drafted a new skirt pattern. (that would be drew it with only a length measurement and matched the waist to the bodice piece. My original plan was to use a circle style skirt but I decided on an A-Line instead. I also re-drafted the neckline as the dress I was copying had the low neck but the pattern was a standard crew neck.

And here is the finished product. This photo was taken just before we left for the party, so excuse the flash photography, there wasn't much natural light as it was pouring rain outside!

The embroidery I did by hand whilst squinting to copy from the dvd cover where the image was about 1cm tall. It is slightly wonky but a fairly close match. I used some pink ribbon for the frill on the front and the sleeves.

In action, the green musketeer uses fans as her weapon. 

I'm very proud of the finished product. And Ruth is stoked, the only reason why she stopped wearing it is because she had to wear her uniform to school! Even wore it to bed! 


Little Munchkins said...

That dress is amazing! You did a fantastic job, I love it.

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Awesome job Amy. LOVE IT. You should be very proud, it has turned out fantastically!!!

Carmie said...

That looks great hun! Well done!!


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