Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Blog-A-Long Day 17...

Ok so Im proving to not be so good at this blogging every day thing! I promise I have evidence of an excuse :-p

I've been very very busy getting ready for this weekend's market and have been spending up to 7 hours a day sewing, unpicking and all of that jazz. Yesterday, I finished off 5 dresses that I had started on Tuesday. And due to popular demand I decided it was time to post some pics of some of the other dresses I have, not just the red one! hee hee...

the pile of 5 dresses I made yesterday. I have been making one of each size of each fabric combination.

The back of the size 2 dress. I must say, I am absolutely in LOVE with this fabric, Im so glad I have some left over! Not that I know what I am going to do with it yet, but its lovely. :)

This photo is slightly blurry, and unfortunately it was the last photo before I had to charge the battery on the camera. But this is the 13 dresses I completed on Sunday.

3 Dresses to go and then Im ALMOST ready! Nothing like working for a deadline hey?!?! I have a few nappies that have dodgy snaps on them due to me not checking the settings on my snap press prior to putting them on! So I have to unpick them and put new snaps in, as well as put snaps on all of the bibs for closure :)

Really... Im not that busy (HAHA CAN YOU RECOGNISE SARCASM?)

I have also been considering opening an etsy store in the new year... What does everyone think?!?

Amy xo

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Natalie said...

The dresses look great, I bought some of that fabric last week as well as I just loved it (even though it's not pink lol!) planning a twirly skirt for my little miss


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