Friday, January 15, 2010


So Ive made a decision to start a little game called "Flashback Friday". Yes, I need the ability to blog daily and a good reason for it.

Definition of Flashback Friday....

On Fridays you post a photo of something that makes you remember something. It can be of you, your family, something you sewed in years past the options are endless...

The only rule is that you have to share the memory!!

So get searching through those old photos and digging into your memory bank and we can have a wonderful time looking through funny, sad, whimsical or fantastically artistic photos every Friday in Blogland!!

I'll go first!!!!!

This photo is from when my partner and I met for the first time. Mick and I met online back in 2007 and chatted online for a long time before finally making the decision to meet in real life.

The main problem with us meeting in real life was... he lived in Victoria and I lived in Queensland, we worked out the exact km's between our houses and it was about 17 200km. Anyway, I was doing full time University, studying to be a teacher and being a single mum to my beautiful little girl when he got into contact with my mum one night and asked her ever so nicely if I agreed to come to Melbourne to visit him would she babysit my little one? She agreed, they both decided I needed a break from the hectic life I was leading.

So on Thursday the 3rd of May 2007 onto a plane I got to visit this man whom I supposedly knew so much about, and knew everything about me. It was sooo scary I was petrified!! But somehow knew that something exciting was going to happen and we were going to have a good time together. On the plane I was doing university revision, I still remember my highlighter exploding everywhere... LOL!! and just waiting waiting waiting to arrive. It was the longest 2 hours of my life!!!

I got off the plane and met the man of my dreams and from that first kiss I fell in love with him. Dont tell him that of course... Although Im pretty sure he knew that I did and felt exactly the same way. The photo was taken in his loungeroom at the time. We had been getting a number for a pub or something off the net and I got bored and decided to wear his welding helmet! haha...

Haha... nostalgiac moment there!!

Anyway... sign up and play along with me!!

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