Monday, January 18, 2010

Shirt and Skirt Market Jan 2010

Well yesterday was the shirt and skirt market at the convent in abbotsford. It was a lovely day and my stall was situated right outside this fantastic cafe that has a wonderful idea that you pay as you feel. You can pay $1 if thats all you have and you will be fed as if you pay $100. Its a fantastic mentality that everyone in a community should be able to dine together regardless of their financial situation. But most importantly, as I sat there all I could smell was the AMAZING food!!!!!! smelled very good :-) and from all reports tastes pretty darn good too!!

Anyway back to the topic at hand... the market... hee hee. The market wasnt huge this month like last month but was still not a failure. I recieved my first ever custom order of a dress for a little girl, very exciting for me. I also rellished in the squeals of excitement from women who loved my wares. It is a fantastic thing for me as a designer to hear people be excited by my products, and to say how much they love them. :-)

The weather was windy. It was also rainy. But mainly windy. All of a sudden I didnt feel as ridiculous as I did when buying my 30kg sand bags which oh dear are soooo heavy and mean its impossible for me to set up my stall alone as I cant get them out of the car, they are just far too heavy... thank goodness for my really strong boyfriend!! But even he struggles. Anyway, so my tent stayed put thankfully. My rack fell over a couple of times, but with some help from my neighbour (who's website I'd love to find as she makes wonderful panama hats that just looked fantastic!) I got my rack anchored under the sandbag. But then the rain came!! haha it was a fun day with the weather, nothing tragic, but by geez it was cold!!

Anyway, some photos from the day...

I really love my new banners which I got from here.

Anyway, back to the regular grind of sewing all day getting ready for the sisters market on Feb 13th. I also plan to stock my website and also my etsy store this afternoon :-)

I have also joined a new baby auction site as a seller. Its a new site, but it was nice to be asked to have a store there, which I will put a few products in either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Oh the things that are happening in my house at the moment! Its a madhouse!! haha!! I've also applied for this market and will be checking it out next weekend to see how busy it actually is and get a feel for it ahead of my hopeful success in getting  a stall there as of next month. So hopefully things are set to get busier.

Im also looking for IRL resellers for my products so anyone who is interested please contact me via email.


charleebell said...

Love the stall pics..& your banner is great.

Miss Amy said...

thanks! it was free too! the banner that is


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